Few filing claims in $4.3 million lottery scam settlement; deadline Jan. 7

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It's good that justice will prevail, but who keeps their losing tickets that long?

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I Agree!  The up to $10.00 limit and the weather will discourage most players.

 I kept my losing tickets in a safe inside a book. A book safe. Someone walked away with it and got an unpleasant surprise.

 I sign all my tickets soon after purchase so the thief got zip.

Green laugh

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What period of time do you consider long?.

Mr. Groppo

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Just goes to show, the Lottery isn't random.  The computer calculates how many winning tickets are inserted in it.   If to many people are winners before the numbers are drawn, those number wont come out. Think about it. "If 200,000 people are playing the same numbers for the powerball example.  Those numbers wont be drawn.  If they did, and the jackpot is say 400 mil.  The Lottery would go broke, cause they wouldn't be able to payout all the loot.    That's why your  ticket is inserted into the computer.   I stand to be corrected, it's   jmo.

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" If to many people are winners before the numbers are drawn, those numbers won't come out."

Isn't that like saying a Klingon Warbird was seen in Starwars-" The Rise of Skywalker?"

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Ekem6078, the lottery divides the jackpot equally among all the winners. If 200,000 people matched 5 + 1 in Powerball when the cash value of the jackpot was $400 million, each winner would get $2,000. They would not each get $400 million. This is a pretty standard regulation for big jackpot games in all jurisdictions, from Brazil to Belarus. So, it doesn't matter to the lottery how many jackpot winners there are.

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Definitely not me. I rarely play and on the occasions that I do purchase tickets, I may go several weeks without checking them especially when the jackpot wasn't won. I have saved my losing tickets in the past which usually only amounts to 15-20 plays for a calendar year.


Never thought l would say this, but this settlement is Rigged.If as Craig says " claiming more than $10 is difficult  it's a F..^%$$%÷# joke. Why not just simply say " We don't want to pay out.

* Wanna know what's another joke: Our Fantasy 5 game for tonight sits at $935,000. Should you win, Our Uncle takes a whopping  $ 345,950.  How about them rotten apples!

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There is only one PB jackpot for each jackpot and if it was $400 million and is evenly divided if there is multiple winners. Each of the state lotteries are responsible for the secondary prize payouts and all of them have payout limits. If 200,000 tickets matched five numbers without the bonus number and the lottery's limit was $10 million, each ticket gets $50 "tax free".

Every state lottery knows exactly how much is wagered on PB before the drawing, but because they hold live ball drawings, rigging would be almost impossible and if they did, why would rigged a drawing to benefit players in one state? 

"Just goes to show, the Lottery isn't random."

You're correct if you're saying "RNG drawn games were not random when Eddie Tipton was guarding the hen house". And that's why there was a class-action lawsuit.

I'd suggest not playing any RNG drawn games, but if you live in TN, you don't have many options.

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