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Kansas lottery players questioning game's integrity

Dec 23, 2015, 2:30 pm

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Kansas Lottery

Lottery players are now questioning the integrity of the game after learning that rigged lottery tickets were sold in Kansas.

"I'm not sure if I'm going to buy lottery tickets anymore or not, because I don't have a chance to win because he is rigging the numbers," said one avid Kansas lottery player.

Lottery ticket holders are angry after finding out that Kansas is the latest state connected to a lottery scandal.

Back in July Eddie Tipton, the former lottery Security Director for the Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association was convicted of rigging a $16.-million lotto jackpot.

Since then prosecutors have charged him with fixing jackpots worth millions in Iowa, Colorado, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and now Kansas.

Kansas lottery officials refused a request for an on-camera interview, instead referring KSNT News to a written statement they released Monday.

In it, Kansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta says, "the Kansas Lottery began an in-depth internal analysis and investigation into whether [Tipton's] activities affected the Kansas lottery or its players."

Tipton allegedly purchased two winning tickets to the "2by2" game at two Kansas locations in 2010. Each was worth $22,000.

Presta goes on to say, "Kansas' investigations have so far not revealed any indication that Mr. Tipton affected the lottery's internal systems... The Kansas Lottery had no way of knowing that Mr. Tipton was purchasing these tickets."

While some ticket holders may give up on the lottery all together, others will still take their chances.

"I would be leery about it, although I would purchase a lottery ticket because the lottery is just one-in-million chance," said Reginald Gatewood.

Prosecutors believe Tipton installed software programs that let him know the winning numbers.

The Kansas Lottery is also investigating and will turn their findings over to the Kansas Attorney General's office to determine if charges are warranted here.

The Kansas Attorney General's office would only say in an email that Attorney General Derek Schmidt has spoken to the Kansas Lottery's executive director and he's confident in their security measures.

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