Whitelist Lottery Post in your ad blocker

Whitelist Lottery Post

We kindly request you allow Lottery Post to display ads in your web browser when you visit our website. Lottery Post only uses high-end advertising companies in our display advertising, so it is unlikely you will see any "malvertising" or other bad ads originating from our website once you whitelist it.

Why you should whitelist Lottery Post

Operating a very large and popular website like Lottery Post costs a lot of money. If there were no advertising, Lottery Post would literally not be able to function. It would go dark.

If you think that you can keep blocking ads, but everyone else will help out, then please understand that everyone else is thinking the same thing. We need you to help us by whitelisting Lottery Post in your adblocker.

We hate ads too

That is why the ads on Lottery Post are typically not intermingled with the content. We purposely place the ads in their own sections in order to be sure to provide a good content experience, while still being able to pay the bills.

How to whitelist Lottery Post


On Android phones, an ad blocker is either installed as a plug-in to a web browser, or as a stand-alone web browser with built-in ad blocking.

We'll actually outline 3 different approaches to whitelisting Lottery Post on Android phones. If you use the first approach, you don't even need to do a thing, other than just using a specific web browser!

Android Approach 1 (recommended): Use Google Chrome

The easiest approach to whitelisting Lottery Post on Android phones is to use the built-in Google Chrome web browser. Chrome is an example of a web browser with built-in ad blocking, but fortunately Google has constructed Chrome with sensible ad blocking, meaning it only blocks ads that are malicious or abusive — not the kind of harmless ads that help Lottery Post stay online.

So, this is our recommended approach, because it requires you to do nothing other than simply using Google Chrome.

Android Approach 2: Use a different ad-blocking web browser

On Android phones there are numerous choices for you to download various web browsers, many of which provide built-in ad blocking abilities. Unfortunately, there is no set standard for if and how to whitelist websites in those web browsers, so you will likely have to do some research about your browser.

For example, the popular Dolphin browser has built-in ad blocking, but there is currently no way to whitelist individual websites, so your only choice is to turn off ad blocking completely when using Dolphin.

Example: Disabling ad blocking in DolphinDisabling ad blocking in Dolphin

Android Approach 3: Use Samsung Internet browser with ad blocking plug-ins

Most Android phones come with the Samsung Internet (or just "Internet") browser pre-installed. That browser allows the installation of third-party ad blockers, downloaded through the Play Store.

To stop Sansung Internet from blocking Lottery Post, you can either disable the ad blocker plug-in(s) completely, or you can instruct the ad blocker plug-in(s) to not block any content from We will show both methods below.

Step A: In the Samsung Internet (or just "Internet") browser, tap the "three bars" menu in the lower-right corner.Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step A

Step B: Tap Ad blockers.Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step B

Step C: Your installed ad blocker(s) are listed at the top. To disable all ad blocking, simply turn off all of the switches, and then you are done (skip the rest of these steps).Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step C

Step D: To leave your ad blocker running, but specifically not block anything from, you need to open the ad blocker from your main home screen or app drawer. (This cannot be done from within the browser.)Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step D

Step E: Tap Whitelisted websites.Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step E

Step F: Tap Add a website to the whitelist. It is important that the name you are whitelisting is — don't put "www." or anything else in front of the name. (Also we recommend whitelisting at the same time.)Disabling ad blockers in Samsung Internet, Step F

If you choose to specifically whitelist (Steps D through F above) then you need to do Steps D through F for each ad blocker that you have installed. (The screenshot in Step C shows you which ad blockers are currently installed, and that you need to configure.)


The way ad blockers work on an iPhone is through Safari extensions. This feature has been around since iOS 9 and ad blockers are either strand-alone apps you install, or sometimes they come as functionality bundled with an unrelated app. For example, some apps that block robocallers also have an ad blocker built-in.

Examples of ad blockers include apps such as AdBlock Plus, StopAd, and AdGuard.

There are two ways of ensuring an ad blocker is not harming your experience with Lottery Post:

  1. You can completely disable your ad blocker, or,
  2. You can instruct your ad blocker to specifically not block anything from

The easiest approach is to completely disable your ad blocker, so we'll show you how to do that first.

iPhone approach 1: Disable your ad blocker

Go to the home screen and select Settings > Safari, then look in the General section for Content Blockers. Tap the latter and you'll see a list of any ad blocker you have installed. Tap any toggle switches that are currently "on" to turn them off. Once they are all off, you can exit settings and you're done.

Step A: In the Settings app, tap Safari.Disabling ad blockers in iOS, Step A

Step B: In the Safari settings, tap Content Blockers.Disabling ad blockers in iOS, Step B

Step C: Be sure all content blockers are set to "off".Disabling ad blockers in iOS, Step C

iPhone approach 2: Instruct your ad blocker to not block anything from

This approach requires a little more knowledge and effort than the first approach, but it allows you to keep your ad blocker enabled, while specifically not blocking anything from Lottery Post.

First, you need to understand which apps you have installed on your iPhone that are currently blocking Lottery Post. To do that, follow the steps in Approach 1 to show the content blockers that are currently set to "on" in the Safari settings. (This also gives you an opportunity to disable any apps that are blocking stuff in Safari that you weren't aware of.)

Next, you need to configure each enabled content blocker to whitelist the domain name "".

Most of the time that means launching the app by tapping the icon on your iPhone home screen, and then finding the configuration settings for web blocking that allows you to add websites or domain names to whitelist.

It is important that the name you are whitelisting is — don't put "www." or anything else in front of the name. (Also we recommend whitelisting at the same time.)

This example shows whitelisting and in the Nomorobo app. Other ad-blocking apps would work similarly. Tap Add website to add (and to your whitelist.Whitelisting in Nomorobo

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