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Connecticut Lottery

CT Lottery quiet as uncomfortable allegations pile up

For a moment it looked like some meaningful information might be released to the public this week about the latest upheaval at the Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC) — this time in the form of an order Monday that lottery Vice President Chelsea Turner be placed on an indefinite leave, six days after disclosing in sworn testimony that she contacted the FBI in about 2014 with suspicions of wrongdoing by a superior.

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Illinois Lottery

Corrections officer charged with forging lottery ticket worth $20,000

An Illinois correctional officer has been charged with forging a lottery ticket worth tens of thousands of dollars.


Insider Buzz

Police officer sent to rehab for playing scratch-off lottery tickets on duty, lawsuit claims

A veteran New Jersey police officer is suing the force's top brass for harassment, claiming he was confined to his home after being diagnosed with PTSD and wrongfully pegged as a gambling addict.


Insider Buzz

The women who win hundreds of sweepstakes per year

Winning online sweepstakes is supposedly an act of pure luck — but some contestants claim to have it down to a science.


Maine Lottery

Maine man wins 2nd large lottery prize in as many years

A Maine man won $500,000 on a ticket he purchased at a Portland convenience store in June, less than 2 years after he won a $100,000 lottery prize.


Connecticut Lottery

Lucky CT man wins $100,000 lottery prize for second time

A Connecticut man just won a $100,000 lottery, barely a year after winning the same jackpot.


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