Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich to answer lottery player questions live Monday evening

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Watching the Bachelor will be more interesting.

No matter what is said the lottery is fixed in their favor as any gambling is

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C,mon, use your head. If these people amassed the amount of time and effort to catch Tipton, what in the world would make you think the Lottery is rigged everywhere. The focus on this would be to downsize computer drawings. Ask yourself this Question, what would you rather have , Ball drawings or Computerized drawings? It's that simple.

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Actually, I would say the people on The Bachelor cheat a lot more than the lottery. Big Grin

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Looking forward to tonight's Q/A session with Terry. It's a rare event when any lottery official other than a public relations spokesperson will make themselves available for public questions and answers...

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I Agree!

The Bachelor has nothing on the lottery!

Thanks again Todd, for setting this up!

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In response to duckman

Thanks Duckman.   Looking forward to it.



Hi Terry!

Thanks for helping to make lottery look credible. My three questions are: (1) What are the odds of winning for a single ticket of two dollars? (2) How many winning combinations ever won again, if any? And, what would be the strongest argument to show the skeptics that lotto is not rigged? Stay blessed! KB


Hi Terry:


For a POWERBALL drawings, what are the odds of hitting the jackpot, for a single ticket of two dollars?

How many jackpot winning combinations of the POWERBALL ever won again?

What is the most convincing argument(s), in your view, to help the skeptics believe that lottery is not fixed?

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Your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million and a winning powerball number has never (and probably will never) hit twice.


As far as it being rigged?  Don't know.  I think it would be the least of your worries.


Wow! Thanks for the info. Appreciate.

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No matter how much you spent on lottery they know before hand what state what store is going to win.

You tell me why is there a cut off time to buy tickets before any draw 

It is all fixed.

Doesn't make a diff if balls come out or not as there is a weight on the balls .

Do you really think they are going to pay out thousands of winnets on any  game ?

People need to get in real world of gambling !!!

Are they really going to go broke ?

Sure is weird why Illinois couldn't pay people out ???

As for the Bachelor we know they cheat but will be more entertaining !!!

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In response to picktowin


Here we go ....again.

Why are you even posting on a lottery forum anyway?

Think rationally. Balls are drawn. Not Computer generated.

You really think someone is gonna sift through millions of tickets sold to find a combination that wasn't sold so there won't be a winner?

No they won't go broke when there is a winner. Lotteries still make a profit, which they are supposed to do. Otherwise they would not, and could not exist.


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Everybody is entitled to their opinion no matter how ignorant the rest of us believe it is.

Let's just hope they don't waste Mr. Rich's time like a few years ago when a representative of the Ohio Lottery fielded questions on LP. One of our "top 25" posters asked them if lottery employees were allowed to play and when Ohio Rep answered "no", they asked if the lottery rigged the drawings. The Rep never answered the incredibly stupid question, but did say any more questions should be sent to the Ohio Lottery web site.

Hopefully they'll be watching Monday night RAW. LOL

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In response to Prince KB

Be sure to ask your questions on the official Q&A thread that is started at 8:00 pm EST.  That is where Terry will be answering questions.

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