Your stastics may be wrong or your software may be inacurate


Something I noticed that some may have missed.In North Carolina Pick 3 and 4,ever so often they have a special drawingWhere they have a red or white ball drawn. If a red ball is drawn they draw an extra set of numbers for that draw. This extra draw can throw your stastics off and can make your history unworkable for some software or spreadsheets. I noticed this with Lotsoft Pro and other software can cause errors and or make the stastics you are looking at Wrong. If the software will accept the import or download at all.Another thing I am sure may have been over looked by some is that in NC if you download or look at the history, the day and evening draws are out of order. So if you are using a spreadsheet where you are counting, vtrac, matching, or looking at following numbers. Your results will be off. Possibly making you think whatever system or method you are looking at is worthless or does not work in your state .I point this out as I have made the same mistakes. I have not looked at every state to see which ones do something similar. Just look at your own states history and howyour software or spreadsheets uses that history. Eliminate the extra draws or reorder your history for better results. While I am sure many will say "I know this". I hope this observation will help save some LP members from some headache or thinking nothing works at all.

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Huuummm...!! Pretty interesting... no doubt, the extra draws may be just for THAT purpose... to throw off true Statistics...!!  Thumbs Up Good lookin out..!

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Cheers Very informative. Thank you!

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