Positional Tracking for Tennessee

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I was going to list the numbers.  I cannot figure out how to copy and paste.

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What? how do you copy and paste on LP now?

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996 was on positional tracking.  Sorry I couldn't post string.  The paste button doesn't work for me.  Any how, working off the positional tracking tool available here at LP,  I counted each time each position hit in each position, and listed it on the tracker and came up with a string of  20 numbers to play.   I put those on clipboard, however, it would not transfer to this post.


No loss,  anyone can do this.  You might have to upgrade membership to use tool, but it is worth it.

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In response to tntea


After you copy the link onto the clipboard, right click on your mouse. It will come up Insert link, Insert image, Insert table.

Left click on Insert link. 

After you left click it will come up URL, Text To Display, Title. 

On URL, right click, then on the drop down menu click paste.

The link should appear on the URL. Then hit enter on your keyboard. That's it. There is no need to to click on OK. 

The link will show up in blue on your post. Like so...

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