New Years Present - Pick 3 VTRAC Excel Program

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This is an Excel file first created by compulotto a couple years ago on another lottery forum.

I just changed a few things.

The basis of this program is VTRAC and the movement of digits in each position.

If you don't understand VTRAc just do a search here.

Below is the link:

Size: 3.5 MB

This is the same program that I am using to (try) pick the Pennsylvania Pick 3 Evening drawing(s) in the next 30 days.

If your interested in using this file you will need to do a little work by looking for "movements" in your states Pick 3 drawings.

What we are looking for is the "top" movement in each of the 3 positions based on 125 past draws.

This will give you 8 Staright Combinations to play.

Each day you will need to update your draws and play a new set of 8 combos.

More to come....

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In response to winsumloosesum

Thanks, winsumloosesum


I look forward to using it!!

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Here's a short explanation on how to use this.

When you open the file you will need to "enable" the macros.

There are 4 Tabs at the bottom:

1.  Pick3History

2.  Pick3

3. VTRAC Conversion

4.  Print Chart


1.  Pick3History:

This is where you copy and paste 1000 past Pick 3 draws from your states lottery.

Line 10 will always have the most current drawing.

There are 3 Toolbars at the top. 1. Add New Drawing, 2. Delete Drawing, 3. Copy 250 Draws.

If you need to add a new draw just click the "Add New Drawing" Toolbar.

You may need to adjust the Date according to your states' draws.

2. The delete Toolbar is used to delete the last drawing.

3.  Copy 250 Draws Toolbar will take 250 draws and copy them to the "Pick3" worksheet.

Click the "Copy 250 Draws" Toolbar when you have all your draws up-to-date.


Next, click the "Print Chart" Tab.  You will need to make a copy of this workout sheet.

This workout sheet will be used to write down your VTRAC movements in the blank spaces.


In the next post I will explain how to calculate the "movements" on the Workout Sheet....

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Shoot started a new post explaining the Tabs.

Here is the link:

Sorry about that folks!!

Not sure if Todd can combined these 2??

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Thanks for the program winsumloosesum

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Member asked to create a Maryland file.

This file combines Midday and Evening draws.

The last draw was Friday Evening Jan 2, 2009 (9-1-1)

All calculations based on the last draw 9-1-1

Also added an extra chart in the Tab labeled "PrintChart" in cell columns H:K

This will show how I calculate movements in the Tab labeled "Pick3" when you enter VTRAC's "1" through "5" in cell range BD2.

So, all you do is enter a VTRAC 1 in cell BD2 and then write down all the movements pertaining to that VTRAC's positions.

Then you go through VTRAC 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Here is the Maryland VTRAC Excel file link:


Hope this helps!!!


Thank you for the excel file Winsumloosesum. Do you know if they have something like this for the Pick 4? I would be very interested. Thank you again.

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