Pick3 Tab Instructions

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You should have a printout of the Workout Sheet from the "PrintChart" tab.

Click the "Pick3" Tab.

Scroll over to cell range BF1 through BO4.

Notice in cell range BG1:BO1

You see the "Movements" -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Next, go to cell BD2

Here is where you will enter the VTRAC number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

In Cell BD2 enter the VTRAC number 1.

Notice the values change in cell range BG2 through BO4.

Go to Cell range BG2:BO2 and look for the "top 3" movements for VTRAC 1 for D1.

Take the workout sheet you printed out and enter the 3 top movemnts in the box next to V1 under P1.

Remember to  enter "movements" that correspond to the Top 3 numbers.  The "movements" are in cell range BG1:BO1.

If the movements are negative in value, you will enter them as negative values.


Next, go to cell BF3 (D2) and look for the top 3 movements in cell range BG3:BO3 and enter the 3 values in the worksheet for V1 under P2 column.

If you have values that are the same.  Go to cell range BH12:BH260 and look for the "tiebreakers" for that duplicate value.

Next, go to cell BF4 (D3) and look for the top 3 movements in cell range BG3:BO3 and enter the 3 values in the worksheet for V1 under P3 column.

If you have multiple totals that are the same you will need to go to cell range BI12 through BI260. Go down to find the "tie-breakers"


"Tiebreakers" - when you have multiple "movement" values what I do is look in the cell range for that particular position.  For example, D1 the cell range is BG12:BG260.  D2 the cell range is BH12:BH260, and D3 the cell range is BI12:BI260.  So what I look for is the first instance of that particular movement.


Now we need to go to Cell BD2 and enter the VTRAC 2 and repeat the whole process again by entering the movements in the workout sheet.

Continue until you finsished entering 1 through 5.

When your workout sheet is completed you should have 3 movement values (positive or negative) in each of the workout sheet boxes.


Next, scroll over to cell range GW1 through HH6.

Here is where you enter the "movement" values (positive or negative) in these boxes.

After you have entered all these values scroll over to cell range IC1:IF6

Copy all the 3 digit values from cell range HY2:IA6 to cell range ID2:IF6.


Next, scroll back to cell range BL11:BN11.

Write down the 3 three digit values in these 3 cells BL11, BM11, and BN11.

What we want is the first value of each of the 3 three digit numbers.

So for example: if the first 3 digit value in cell BL11 is 134 we will be using the 1st number which is the 1.

Do the same for the values in BM11 and BN11 and use the first digit in each.

You should have 3 numbers (VTRAC Numbers)


Go to the Tab labeled "VTRAC Conversion" and go to cell range F5:H5

Enter the 3 numbers (VTRAC Numbers) here.

Once you have entered the 3 values go to cell range J5.  Here is where you have your 8 "straight" combinations.


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When your states draw is completed check your 8 combinations.

The next step is to update the tab Pick3History draw.

Click the Toolbar "Copy 250 Draws"

Go to the Tab labeled BL11, BM11, BN11 and write down the first number from each of the 3 digits.

Example.  If in cell BL11 the 3 digit number is 134 take the 1.

Take the 3 numbers and go to the Tab labeled VTRAC Conversion and enter the 3 numbers in cell range F5, G5, and H5.

The 8 straight Pick 3 combinations will be in cell J5.


The reason we take the 1st digit from each of the 3 numbers from cell range BL11, BM11, and BN11 in the tab labeled Pick3 is because the first digit is the TOP VTRAC digit based on the movement calculations from the workouts we did earlier.


You will NOT need to complete the movement worksheet after every draw. Re-Calculate after 30 draws.


The reason we play Straight is because this is how the numbers and movements are set-up.  You can play Boxed combos or play both ways.

I felt that 8 combos is not many to play @ .50 or $4 bucks a day.


Go to the Tab labeled Pick3.  Scroll over to cell columns BP12 and BQ12.  You will notice Straight and Boxed or empty cells in these 2 columns.

These were calculated when we completed the Movements Workout Sheet.

Scroll over to cell range BS12 , BT12, and BU12.  In these 3 columns you will see either a 1, 2, 3, or a blank cell.  These values represent the position of the 3 digit VTRAC value that was drawn.

For example, if there was a value of 1 in cell BS12 go to cell BL12.  The "1" appeared in the first position of the 3 digit number.

Ideally we want a "1" in cell BS12, a "1" in cell BT12, and a "1" in cell BU12.  This would indicate that we had a "straight" hit using only 8 combinations.


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What work out sheet are you refering too?  Where??

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In response to reddog

Never mind. I didn't read the "other" thread first.

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HL4 and HY4 have the #####

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Hi mglsr

##### usually means that that column is not wide enough for what needs to go in it. Highlight that column and then go up to Format, click on column and then on Autofit Selection. That should take care of it.

Good Luck Libra Dave

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In response to reddog

Where is the other thread...Thanks...JS...

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In response to js1237
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In response to libra

That didn't work Libra Dave

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In response to mglsr

Problem solved

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Some spreadsheet cells use funtions that are not part of Excel. The freeware addin Morefunc can be downloaded and installed to get these missing functions (mconcat, vsort, intvector):

Download Here

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The morefunc addin should already imbedded into this file.

I should have deleted these columns.  They really have no bearing on the file.


Below is a link to a Word doc that contains a blank workout sheet.

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