Nearly $10 million in Louisiana Lottery winnings go unclaimed every year

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Why Play? If you're not going to Check your Ticket(s) and Claim what you Won!Thud


On the flip side of the coin, the same as my neighbor who had a multidraw Powerball ticket. It expired without her realizing it, and the next drawing after it expired, she had the 5 white balls for $100,000

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These players do not have a system or habit of storing their tickets. Then they do not pay attention to the results of the games.

 A ticket worth $51.7 million was not claimed in 2012. I believe and guess it was in Indiana. I saw this on "LUCKY" an Amazon video.

 Some past winners have stuffed their tickets into their car consoles. Never checking them. Off they go flying away in the wind. LOL

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Matching the 5 white balls in Power Ball pays $1 mil($1,000,000), not $100,000

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People play because they feel that someone has to win, so why not let it be them. But after they have won, they just don't check their ticket/s.

What's worse.....winning and not knowing because you never checked the ticket or finding the ticket one day after it expired and seeing you could have collected a jackpot prize?

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I would rather never know, than finding out I missed the deadline on collecting...

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$100,000 was over a decade ago before it changed. 

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Thank you, Music*.

That's all sad, but true.   I'd rather those people didn't play lotto games at all, but . . . . .
(I mean how would it be if a winning ticket that never showed up, happened to have been tossed out in someone's "carbage"?, which I'm sure has happened.)

I'd also like to share that I was fortunate enough to collect a couple of those vinyl lotto envelopes to keep my tickets and slips.They've been invaluable, because of their size, and multiple pockets inside to organize my stuff.

But, also, it's attitude.   You see, Lotto is a pretty significant thing to me. 
I'll never miss a Sunday, which is the day I play, and check previous tickets. 
Thanks, in large part, to the vinyl envelopes.

I save and re-use my play-slips until the game changes to an even more impossible odds matrix.
My play routine, outlined above, also keeps me from thinking about what I've played.

(New lotto players should also see my signature below.)

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There was a poster a few years ago that said he bought multidraw pick-5 tickets that expired the day before "his numbers" were drawn.  Been awhile since the second PB prize was $100.000; had a former poster brag about winning that. LOL

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I Agree!, but who knows why they did it for years and will continue to do it.

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Groppo, You are welcome. 

   I mention to the clerks that California pays one million dollars to the store.

I do not promise any gifts. I may start tipping them a couple of dollars. The gift I give him or her will be remembered.

 I thank the players who do not collect because the winnings will go to good causes. 

 There was that famous couple in Britain who forgot to watch the tv show when their numbers came up. They missed the deadline for those who have lost their ticket. Their lives were ruined by the grief they experienced. They divorced.  Martyn and Kay Tott. Lottery Post has their story I believe.


It’s quite possible that some lottery players in Louisiana treat playing the game like some professional anglers. You know the “ Catch & release” group, some lottery players in Louisiana & elsewhere will “ play, but will not check.” They enjoy the journey, but not the arrival. Some lottery players are wired differently.Approve

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Here's the $100,000 winning Powerball ticket you might have been referring to:

(The post right under that is from the same person, a $5,000 winner.)

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Yep that's one of was thinking about.

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