$380 MILLION: Massive sales push Powerball jackpot higher


We might buy 1 line if it reaches 1 Billion Dollars.


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Skepticalshould be a most curious Saturday night





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I hope it's birthday numbers that get drawn and a sizable crowd walks away very happy. On that thought I'll get me another ticket with low numbers


I'm so dizzy- my head is spinning..

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I like to point out something this jackpot shows very clearly about the jackpot anniuty option.
#5 $258.2 million cash, Aug. 7, 2013 ($448.4 million annuity) -
#6 $256.8 million cash, Feb. 7, 2015 ($380 million annuity)

It's within 2 million dollars of #5 jackpot 258.2 million cash jackpot , Yet the annuity is 380m current vs 448m in 2013, only 2 years ago!

This is power of 30 year interest rates have on all lottery jackpots! 60+ million dollars less today, thanks to interest rates!

The Lottery buys special Treasury securities that are very much linked to 30 year rate for normal t-bills, as 30 year notes go down, so does annuity securities lottery buys on your behalf.

At the moment our 30-Year treasury bond is one of the worst possible investments in the entire world.

Sense your also dealing with the Inflation over decades. It will eat your low 2% yield alive, significant losses of purchasing power over time.

however don't take my word for it, if any of you do win(good luck), go to largest investment firms like:

Goldman Sachs.
Morgan Stanley.
JPMorgan Chase.
Merrill Lynch.
They ALL tell you they can all earn way more then treasury yield , take the cash!

Even with there high management fees ( I would not use them firms my self, but they manage billions and i don't so there there people to ask over some guy on web)

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In response to joshuacloak


didn't a couple of those investment firms get hacked this year or the previous year ??

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Hopefully it rolls a couple more times otherwise let there be one jackpot winner Smile

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Well now - it probably was my purchasing a 2nd ticket that pushed the annuity up 20M$.  ...  and you are all welcome!


$380 million sounds good to me Thumbs Up

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This could trigger a buying frenzy.  I'll have to watch the news to see if players start standing in lines to buy a few extra tickets.


Keep Rolling $480,000,000.00 sounds really good........


I'm mostly interested in having ten or more people, win the 2nd prize every draw. We have to be getting some of that money back from the lottery, one way or another. The jackpot can roll, ad infinitum for all I care.


someones going to win saturday(:

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If I recall correctly typically individual states have announced prior to Powerball announcing when said state has sold a winning ticket especially when a large jackpot is up for grabs. For example California or New York might not wait for the national announcement to declare that a winning ticket has been sold. The official amount of the win would not be announced pending results from other states. That's my memory although I may be wrong.

Most likely one state is having a glitch thus delaying the announcement of a rollover. That's my feeling and opinion at least, make of that what you will.

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Well I won $4, so I'm happy. That's the first time I've won anything in a long while.

Here's hoping it rolls. Since everyone now has lotto fever and all news stations are playing it up, it's time to start buying my tickets in SC. Need to try for as much anonymity as possible.


Gotta be a lottery official from some state fell asleep and forgot to call in and say no winners LOL


It said no one won. On that website.  $394.5 Millions for next jackpot.


It won't be a surprise if this delay becomes a catalyst for mass hysteria.


If someone wins at this point, the lottery is rigged LOL


One more time.

It said no one won. On that website.  $394.5 Millions for next jackpot.

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One more time. It does not say that. It says that is the jackpot amount for 2-7-15 duh


Thanks for the info. I just see that. I through no one won. It's been what 5 hrs after drawing and still no one know who won.

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all I  know is it was not my one ticket that I bought, lol


What taking so long. You think by now we will know who won.


Now it said the jackpot at 450 Millions for next drawing,

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Eight different states had players match 5+0. Not bad. Jackpot is at least $228,000,000 cash, wonder how much more it will be by Wednesday.


450 Millions for next week drawing. I can't wait to see Mega Millions get that high.

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Interesting, it looks as if the Jackpot will move up to 5th place overall from 10th that it was currently in.  But the cash amount will only move up one spot from 6th place to 5th place.  So both the cash and the annuity have come together in the 5th spot.

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