NJ man claims final share $448M Powerball jackpot

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A telephone number for Scarnici could not be located Saturday afternoon.


leave the man alone

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I say give him a call and ask him where he plans to go first.

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It depends on his age. If he is an old man then he will go to Target to buy a shirt and a belt then to Home Depot for a new lawn mower LOL

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Maybe you could call him and ask if he can support your lottery hobby for perhaps a year?  Maybe he would go for some of your wheel ideas and could bankroll you?Idea (For a stake in the winnings of course)

Maybe you, him and Pedro can hook up on FB, and make a date to buy some nice gear at Walmart together, and then you might call George Lucas and Steven Speilberg too and perhaps meet up at starbucks, have some cool latte mocha frappachinos and discuss the "Lucky Seven" plot lines.Jester Laugh

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I did a search of his name, if the information is correct, he is 76, it also lists his house address and phone number. Looks like a decent yard to, but google car didn't go into his neighborhood.

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That's so sad that in some states your name is released, its no one's business unless you want to come forward.

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I agree... only a few states allow you to claim it anonymously... looks like he did some homework though, not a whole lot of details in this article on him- good for him!

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The NJ Governor said no anonymity and Krispy Kremes.

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It would suck when you win in your retirement years. I'm in my 20s so this would be the perfect time in my life that I would like to win. So I can enjoy my life more and do what I want.

And when I go to claim my check, I would get a good lawyer so that he can minimize the amount of personal information that I have to give out. Such as my name and address. I would also wear a false beard , sunglasses and a hat when I go to take my picture. If that doesn't work, then  I would probably change my name and obvioulsy move to a new place to live.

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Hello Greg2117,  good points listed.  Of course, winning net multi-millions is best when one is a young adult.   However, you've probably noticed that most of these biggest jackpot winners are in their mid or senior adult years.  Really, winning now is not bad for this lucky jackpot winning guy; he's 76 so could realistically expect to live traveling far and wide into his mid-nineties.


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Brunswick man chose the cash option and will get about $62 million after taxes.

This information isn't complete. That 62 million only count for mandatory 25% and 3% tax withholding from the fed and the state respectively. The actual fed taxes he needs to pay would be higher. After the actual fed taxes, he would get about 52 millions. And he needs to pay more for actual state taxes after that. The real amount he would get is about 43 millions. May be lower.


Its all much ado about nothing now Bed.

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The state tax in NJ be higher I think 11 something %. But 25% fed sounds about right. There is no way it is 43 or lower. Lower then 62 but not that low.

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