Woman who let Powerball winner go ahead of her has no regrets

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it's good to know she has no regrets. Even if she didn't let the woman cut in front of her, I doubt she would have won. QPs generated a millisecond apart will be completely different.


Meh, she wouldn't of won anyway. Different numbers, different amount of lines.

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In response to whiteballz

You got it bro, I said the same in the other thread.

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Well, depending on how it really happened, if she let an 84 year old cut in front of her out of respect, then she should be rewarded.  The woman won an awful lot of money and, even if she gives millions to her family members and friends, will certainly have enough left to write another check.  The story is a little confusing.  Did the winner actually cut in front of Mrs. Crandell or did she step away for a second?  I've been in Publix many times when the customer service people are very busy selling tickets and trying to handle their other duties.  They go from register to register.  Publix is a very large supermarket chain and each store usually has a separate area for the Lottery.  Often customers go the the Customer Service Center to conduct other business and then want lottery tickets.  If there's a line to buy lottery tickets, they usually do not get back in line. 

In any case, since the winner acknowledged the young woman, she is probably planning to give her a "thank you" reward.   I hope so.  Otherwise, I don't know why she would even mention her.

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I haven't had the chance to read your comment in the other thread. I got the idea from what Todd wrote explaining how QPs are generated.

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In response to justxploring

I Agree!  the acknowledgement pretty much says so.

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In response to JoshUK

Are you sure?  I called the Lottery a long time ago (we've had this discussion before) and was told each machine generates its own sets of numbers.  Yes, if she bought several tickets and #5 won, I'd agree.  But she said she only bought 1 this time.  Again, why mention it at all?  It only stirs up debates like this and might create problems for her.  If I won such a huge amound and truly believed it was because a nice person let me go first, then I would reward her.

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In response to whiteballz

I think that was the one where Todd said they are "seeded" so I picked up something from that as well.

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Even if she had gotten the QP numbers instead there's no guarantee she would have won anyway.


you know she going to give her some of the money

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I think that even though the lady  Mindy C may not have won , She did the right thing and taught her daughter not to make a scene like some would have done . The lady that won should certainly reward her with a substantial amount to show she appreciated being allowed to go first . No one will ever know if that ticket would have went to the other lady or not .  Just my thought on it .

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What a class act Ms. CrandellThumbs Up

In response to Blackie

People who cut in line don't give rewards. The good Samaritan gets nothing.

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No good deed goes unnoticed Blue Angel

Eternity is a very long time

What you do today will effect your destiny in the everlasting Kingdom of God forever.

The good you do today will add to your eternal reward and the evil you do today will diminish it.

What you do for Christ will last and what you do for yourself will pass.

The treasure you lay up in Heaven is forever and the treasure you lay up on earth is but for a moment.

every deed and every act is either good or evil.

We will give an account for every deed, every act and every word before the Throne of God.

our lives are continuously being weighed in the balance.

No good deed goes unnoticed or inspiring word forgotten, both are recorded in the book of remembrance.

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In response to rdgrnr

Perhaps they will also ask her to continue living in a tin shed so they can have more money to spend?

In response to helpmewin

The mouse scurried away into the mouse hole with someone else's cheese.

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Everyone was in line 2 buy D big Powerball jackpot winning ticket.

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In response to rdgrnr

She may not owe her money, but an apology for being an opportunist is definitely in order.

We all run into women trying to wrangle children who get overwhelmed or distracted. What if we all started cutting them off? Where does it end? Why don't we just push them out of the way?

Mackenzie's getting a pass because she's old. If she were 30 it'd be a different story.

In response to rdgrnr

"I'd also bet her sons and lawyers won't let her."

Just the fact the lottery spokesperson mentioned that Gloria had "accidental" jumped in front of another player proves Gloria was thinking about the other player. It makes me wonder why the lawyer was there because Gloria's comments to the lottery spokesperson have us and the news media speculating whether or not Mindy deserves a nice reward.

The 50/50 split with her son is suspicious too because if the ticket was split, why didn't the lottery spokesperson say the jackpot was was claimed by Gloria C. MacKenzie and her son Scott MacKenzie?

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In response to helpmewin


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In response to helpmewin

They hate those meeces to pieces!

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In response to rdgrnr

dont let emily hear you say that Green laugh

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In response to Ronnie316

And how exactly would she have done that? They don't know each other, never met before, never met after.

Should she have made a public service announcement and said:

"would the woman whose name I don't know, whose face I can't remember, who allowed me to skip in line at Publix, meet me at the lottery office so I can give you a cut of $590 million"?

Yeah, okay. And after the entire town of Zephyrhills shows up, then what?

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In response to pballwinnertobe

I love how you are automatically assuming this woman is rude and Mindy is some kind of saint. Really? Why? 

And why are you assuming she's even telling the truth?

I'll tell you something, SELFLESS people don't call the press to tell them how wonderfully kind and selfless they are. You are doing EXACTLY what Mindy expected the public to do when she went to the media. 

Everything that happened that day played a part in her getting that ticket. If (and this is if we believed Mindy's story) the cashier hadn't stopped to ask Mindy if it was okay for Gloria to go first, Gloria wouldn't have won. If she'd walked either a little faster or slower to that ticket counter, she wouldn't have won. Mindy was not the reason Gloria won that ticket. But if you assume it is, then you also have to assume that every single person who had any contact with Gloria that day was the reason she got to that counter at the exact precise moment she needed to be there and so they all deserve something too. 

I think what's RUDE is someone supposedly doing a kind act to harp on it. If for every time that you open the door for someone, or give a pregnant woman your seat or allow an elderly person to go ahead of you in line you think you deserve some kind of reward then THAT is rude. That is without morals or decency. 

So what if Gloria is 84. Maybe that just means she's had a struggle for a lot longer amount of time than Mindy and now she can leave something for her kids and grandkids and know that they will be taken care of.  Mayb it means she's been playing the lottery in some form or another for a lot longer time and therefore invested a lot more money into it than Mindy. If Gloria chooses to give Mindy anything, that is her decision. She shouldn't be pressured into it by Saint Mindy or her cheering squad.

In response to Teddi

"Everything that happened that day played a part in her getting that ticket."

That ticket was no different than any other ticket before 59 numbered balls dropped into a container and forced air was applied creating thousands, maybe millions of chaotic situations. If the slot the balls enter had opened one second early or one second late, would Gloria still won the jackpot?

What if the person hitting the start button on the bonus number machine sneezed, coughed, or scratched their nose delaying when that machine was suppose to start by a second or two?

How many other actions happened during the time all the 242 million tickets were sold and all the numbers were drawn are there that may have changed by one second either way resulting in an entirely different outcome?

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we need some new stories Dance

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In response to helpmewin

I Agree!    Let's move on. Banana

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In response to ShowMeTheMoney$

Thank you jesus I Agree!

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In response to helpmewin

True but the jackpots aren't yet big enough to create one.

We all forgot about the PowerBall winner of $338M from NJ who everyone thought should pay all his neighbors rent and we'll forget about Gloria too, but first we need a new story.

With PB at $70M, I doubt if anyone cares if there was a winner, how they became a winner or if they're going to share their winnings.  It may take a couple more weeks for that new story to pop up, but it will.

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