Two get bail in Ontario lottery jackpot theft case

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well this is an advert for no anonymous winners. if he hadnt read the daughters name in the paper he might never have known.

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How sad!  Amazing how this woman could turn something so wonderful as a jackpot win into a nightmare for all involved (assuming that she did it). 

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It's also puzzling why she didn't just divorce her husband and receive a nice divorce settlement instead of stealing the ticket and now face jail.   Plus the poor guy is 81.  She probably would have been left all the money in his will, etc.  What a head scratcher.

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"He further alleges that his wife "manipulated" his heart and blood pressure medications, rendering him "physically, emotionally and psychologically incapable of appreciating the nature and consequences of the events," according to his statement of claim filed in Superior Court Sept. 16."


If they could prove this, she could also end up with a charge of attempted murder.

Sounds like Canada doesn't mess around!

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things like this don't happen in canada. right!

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$3000 bail sounds low for the amount in question.

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Those becoming criminals from the act of stealing lotto tickets, lotto fraud, lotto related dishonesty should be banned from claiming future winings. That if they are the winner.

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In response to diamondpalace

Good point!

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If this is all proven to be true, I hope they throw the book at everyone involved.

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Luckily his wife and daughter did not try to murder him (besides drug changing).

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