Georgia man wins $44,000 at stop sign

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Nice story. 



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Nice story. However, I wouldn't really like it if someone snatched a ticket out of my hand.No No

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yes  this  was  a  good  storry  about  a  logical- lottery  prize  of  $44,000  thats  just  enough  to  get  a  small  jump  on  life;

But  ea.  of  the  winners  were  parents  and  I am  sure  they  will  go through  that  money  in  no  time  at  all  :good  luck  to  all  the  LUCKY  PEOPLE  IN  GEORGIA  KEEP  those  winners- COMMING :BananaDanceDance

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Those are the kind of stop signs that I like lol.

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Very good story.  However, I think there should be a warning "Don't Scratch & Drive"  since these people got so excited they had to pull over.


The same thing happened when the drive in GA (Mr. Nabors)  hit the big MM jackpot.  He said his arms went numb and he couldn't steer his truck and pulled over to catch his breath! 

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I Agree!  i agree with justx, i wait to get home before i check my tickets or scratch offs. the only thing i may do before i leave the station is sign the back of the tickets...

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The majority of instant tickets I buy come home with me prior to scratching them. It keeps me from running back into the store if I win( more tickets !! ) and keeps me from running back into the store if I lose ( Because I think each losing ticket on a roll is that much closer to a win). LOL

My wife can actually drive and scratch tickets at the same time. I have cautioned her against this practice because she may run off the road if she hits the big one !!

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i know what you mean about scratching tickets and then going back inside to exhange the winnings for more tickets. i have done that ended up back in the hole financially,ha ha..Jester Laugh

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Regarding Powerball - The April 28 winners came forward this week on Tuesday to claim their jackpot!

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