Man reports $7,000 scam by 'lottery winner'


I would never fall for something like this. Consider it a different kind of annuity.

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Another victim, another scam.  The victim, I am sure, is not a LotteryPost member.


The informed don't get scammed!

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You wouldn't think that you'd need to be hip to the lottery scams to avoid something so painfully obvious. I think I'll run up to Home Depot and see if any strangers would like me to empty my bank account for them.


Anyone can get scammed, anyone!

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Yes NodI've been getting a lot of emails making claims that I am the rightful heir to millions and to claim my inheritance. LOL 

I'm like - what website did I click on to get this junk?


The gullibility of people never ceases to amaze me.


None, I get it to all of my email accounts. That's the funny part, how special do you feel when you get one email three seperate places. The funniest part about these emails is the poor language, I mean they are soo lazy they don't even check their grammer. I know some do it intenionally too. LOL>


I've said it before and it bears repeating :

" You can't fix stupid "

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I too am getting email's claiming that I am heir to a family of engineers in Afrida who were killed in a car accident.  This very important messr's needs someone to claim their inheritance.  I am the supposed heir.  They need me to contact them regarding filling out the proper papers to claim my inheritance. This very important message was imediately deleted.

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Some people will fall for anything. Sad.

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Too bad all the contractors in the parking lot were not aware of what was going on. The scammers would have gotten their asses kicked and I'm thinking the "Christian" would have ended up with a brand new claw hammer protruding from his butt when it was all over.

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I could never figure why some people think giving money to a stranger with a sad story make them a nice person and not a fool.  It may sound heartless, but any time a stranger tell a sad story and ask for money I smell a scam.  Hard luck stories should be shared with friends and family and if you don't have any its too late to start making some when hard times come along.

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There's nothing wrong with giving a stranger money, but I think a dollar or 2 would be my limit. I've purchased a sandwich and a soda for someone who says he's hungry, but I can't imagine giving away thousands, not even to somebody I know.

Anyway, I agree it was very stupid. However, I do feel sorry for this person, even if he is a fool.

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