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Tennessee $1 Million Lottery Winner Will "Stay The Same"

Oct 24, 2005, 8:15 am

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Tennessee Lottery

The Tennessee Lottery's latest winner of $1 million was jubilant after winning, but says the big prize won't mean any dramatic changes in her life.

"Money doesn't mean that much as long as you're happy," said Ann Strong, who took home a cool million on Saturday at the culmination of the Lottery's third and final "Millionaire Live!" drawing event held in Memphis at WMC-NBC Channel 5 and broadcast throughout the state.

"We're just going to do the same ole,' same ole,'" said Ann, 59, who lives in Alamo, Tn., northeast of Memphis. Ann said she will continue her work at Tennessee Health Management, where she has been a recruiter for 18 years. "I'm going to take care of my mother - and if I get the opportunity, I'm going to see Hillary and Bill Clinton."

Ann wasn't the only winner. Two other finalists, Alvin Bhones, 52, of Madison, Ala., won $25,000, while Peggy Brady, 64, of Lancing, Tn., won $10,000.

"Today is all about having fun," said Rebecca Paul, CEO and President of the Tennessee Lottery. "This statewide broadcast is also another chance to highlight the $415 million the Lottery has raised for education."

Ann, Alvin and Peggy were joined by friends and family for the half-hour event, which included time for the players to visit the Bluff City if they chose. The three were chosen as finalists from more than 225,000 entries mailed in from players who earned an entry through one of two instant ticket games, "Tennessee Millionaire" and "Volunteer Millionaire."

By playing one of these games, players had a chance to win a variety of prizes, one of which was an entry ticket into a preliminary drawing with the chance of winning $1 million in a grand prize drawing event. (These two games are no longer available.)

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