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Tennessee best friends split lottery ticket and win $3 million

Oct 7, 2021, 4:32 pm

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Tennessee Lottery

One of them almost backed out — thankfully he didn't

By Kate Northrop

Two buddies are splitting $3 million after agreeing to split a ticket, but one of them had almost backed out of the agreement.

Brandon Thompson is sure glad he went in on those lottery tickets with his best friend Wyatt Close since they're now splitting a huge $3 million prize.

The two Carthage residents were riding to work together on Friday when they decided to make a stop at the QuikTrip on Sparta Pike in Lebanon.

That morning, Close offered to split the cost of a couple scratch-off tickets with his buddy, but Thompson nearly passed on the suggestion.

Thankfully, he didn't, and although the retailer did not have the specific instant game that Close was looking to buy, he picked out two "Jumbo Bucks Titanium" tickets to split with his friend.

He took the two lottery tickets, which cost $30 each, and went back to the van.

The first ticket he scratched — nothing. The second ticket, however, started to reveal just the opposite.

"I saw those black numbers and just started jumping," Close said in a press release.

Sure enough, the second ticket was a $3 million top prize winner.

The pair went to collect their winnings and said that they have similar plans for their portion of the winnings. The prize money will allow them both to invest, build a home, and add to their savings.

Of course, the friends were excited to win over a million dollars each, but Thompson recalled quite the reaction from Close.

"I thought he was going to jump through the roof of the van," Thompson told the Tennessee Lottery.

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