I finally won Cash3 in Florida!!


I am so excited!!! I played 984 4.50 straight and .50 box and it finally hit last nite. Just wanted to share the news with everyone!!

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Great job..patience, patience, patience..pays off in the end.

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its 500.00 for each 1.00 straight and 290.00 for the straight/box so I won 2290.00. I have been playing that number for over 2 years so I didn't get my money back, but it still feels great. Now if my 828 would come in that I usually play 10.00 straight, that would be WONDERFUL!!

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The payout on each number, there was a lottery paper that had that information ,the lottery guide....(in spanish) it was a weekly paper that had lots  of charts for the pick 5 and 6 and the payout for each game.  The news page on the flalottery webpage does not have the payout on the cash 3 or play 4.

South Carolina has that feature on their webpage, it specifies  winning tickets straight and box.  Georigia has a payout on their webpage for the cash 3.

The triples have not come in, I like the 999

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