Maryland 12/22 to 12/28 Mid & Eve

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nice prediction: 669 came out in the afternoon for a cool $330.

so far, someone using your numbers in maryland from 12/22 to 12/28,

and playing 50/50 would have spent $120 a day, or $360 for three days,

and would have won $330, which is a net loss of $30.  we shall see what

the rest of the week brings.

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Someone should not be playing all those numbers, because there put here to compare with someones workout .Then if there is a match consider playing them. Someone should be watching for a 61 or 60 to come out since the 669 came out and there is only 7 selections on the list

Libra DAVE

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595 boxed

Libra Dave

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753 boxed

Hitchaser the number you posted is wrong it was 699, either way I got it straight. And the 60 dropped in today as 640.

Libra Dave

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