Can money buy happiness? Apparently yes.

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Here's an eyeopening article.

News story


"MONEY" brings happiness "NO MONEY" brings sadness

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I'm not surprised. What's the old saying? "I've been poor and I've been rich, rich is better" 


Money does not bring happiness. It only brings you a secure future.

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Money can also bring sadness and problems, but it can also definitely bring happiness.

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$137 million on Christmas eve would really make me happy!!!!!!!!!!

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Quote:Originally posted by weshar75 on December 21, 2003

$137 million on Christmas eve would really make me happy!!!!!!!!!!


If I would ever find myself unhappy after that, I could afford a therapist!

that article is basically stating the obvious, like writing a story comparing how much brighter it is in the day than at night...

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I agree money itself can't buy happiness but its offspring can; financial freedom and a secure future which result in peace of mind for you and your family.


someone give me a mill

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LOL interceptor.

I think this is a double edged sword.  If people say money doesnt buy happiness, they are right.  But if you have money you already have happiness, there is no need to buy it.

I have seen wealthy people who are happy and sad.  And I've seen not so wealthy people who are happy and sad.

I think being rich or poor has its +'s and -'s.  It actually depends on how you live your life.


i choose to eat good. t-bones for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!prime rib for you?

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 if money buys happiness, why is it that most wealthy people seem unhappy or unfulfilled?  especially the ones that pursued wealth on the precept that money equaled happiness/security?  seen way too many people to give validity to that claim.

 money buys "things" and "experiences".  having money can put one in a position that one who does not have money can experience.  like someone else pointed out in an earlier debate about this.  better health care,  better nutritional opportunities, etc.  but bigger, faster, prettier "things" breed a false sense of security as well.

in my mind "money equals security" is an oxy-moron.  not when there are certain scenario's in life where no amount of money can make a difference.  like in health issues.  i have a medical condition that for all the research that i have done,  no amount of money will be able to bail me out of.  "money" is not the barrier that is keeping me from getting better. they are many things that can happen circumstancial wise in your life where the thought that money equals security can be quickly eroded in an instant.  no matter how much one has there are certian things that you and i are not in control of.  within that context,  amounts of money mean squat.

alot of it boils down to what a person measures in life as far as "success".  for me money isn't even close to being the barometer in life.  heck if that was the case i would have been a beaten man a long time ago.  because of my health,  money has been scarce.  my life got turned upside down without any forewarning.  in one day my life changed and i have been living paycheck to paycheck for 12 years.  on the brink of being homeless several times.  i can guarantee you that not once have i lost what made me "happy".  my happiness was never predicated on what i did or didn't have.  it was based (for me) on the knowledge that God loved me and promised to take care of me.  that above that he allowed the difficulty of the circumstances to come near my home.  that knowledge allows me the luxury of living above any circumstance. that amounts of money are only a function of my life,  they are NOT my life.

most people that are in here that have been around while have witnessed my happiness.  despite my "lack" ,  there are not too many people in this world that are happier than me.  that is a direct result of my attitude. i will strive to change what i can, and trust God for the rest and therein lies MY "happiness".  given my explanation of where my happiness is derived,  when i win,  "more" money isn't going to make my happiness go up.  it will actually stay the same. my foundation doesn't fluctuate and that is the true measurement of happiness.

  "a mans life does not consist in the abundance of the things in which he possess"    luke 12 : 15

i was happy before i had it, will be happy during "it" and i will be happy after it's long gone.

 different people have different measuring sticks in life.  for some,  more money equals more happiness/security.  but for me no amount of money can equal what i already have. 

before i sound like a self-righteous pig,  i know i sure won't mind being on the other side of the finacial "coin".  i will defininetly have alot of fun.  but i already realize that it will only be a neccessary function of my life,  it will not be my life.

if you ask me,  more money = more happiness=more security is a falsehood. 


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>if money buys happiness, why is it that most wealthy people seem unhappy or unfulfilled?<

Only in the movies, V-Dude.

When I worked for that carpet cleaning company a few years ago I mostly cleaned the houses of the "upper income bracket" people. I didn't see a whole lot of them in the fetal position, moaning, rocking back and forth and crying about having too much money. Many years ago my aunt married a multimillionaire. They have a happy marriage and two well adjusted children. That article clearly stated the obvious.

No, if I had millions, I couldn't go out and buy a box of happiness. But I could buy all the things that would make me happy.

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Quote:Originally posted by Thomas Covenant on December 22, 2003

When I worked for that carpet cleaning company a few years ago I mostly cleaned the houses of the "upper income bracket" people. I didn't see a whole lot of them in the fetal position, moaning, rocking back and forth and crying about having too much money.

pretty funny.

of course not,  they were too busy keeping up the "physod" of being "happy".  not that what you observed wasn't true but lets face it,  part of the game of chasing wealth for alot of people is giving off the vibe to others that their wealth has made them happy.

i wasn't trying to paint a straight across the board picture of wealthy people,  it is just that it has been an observation of mine that most wealthy people don't seem like they are content. especially those that pursued it to that end.

casual observation wouldn't cut it either.  there are different experiences/people out there to be sure.  it is just that i have heard so many stories of people who attained wealth and then turned around and said that wealth didn't bring them happiness afterall. 

FYI ;  i could care less if a person has zilch or zillions.  what i care about is if that person is real.  if they happen to have alot of money,  good for them as i root for people to succeed...not fail.

        maybe when i win, my personal license plate will read ;






Well put Thomas Covenant I couldn't have said it better myself.I watch this show on MTV called "CRIBS" and another show called "How the Rich and Famous Live" it includes movie stars,Music Stars,Entrepreneurs and Big Business owners like the guy who runs "Hawaiian Tropic"

Sun Tan lotion and Bill Gates.Not once did I see any of these people "SAD" all of them were "SMILING" and showing off there "WEALTH" they even had Aaron Carter the little brother of the BackStreet Boy kid Nick Carter

this 16 yr old earns $150,000-$300,000 a night when he goes on tour.People who work for the City Government or in Washington and I mean the "Big Shots" can make that in a year this kid makes it in "ONE" night and he couldn't be happier.True "Money can't buy happiness but it sure as hell can BRING you happiness and if it doesn't it's not the Money's fault it's the individual who screwed up the money by making bad decisions and is now BROKE.Money isn't the ROOT of all EVIL people who do wrong with there money are.Momey can't make you do something STUPID or against the LAW only YOU can it's your choice make the right choice and you'll live Happy,Healthy and Rich make the wrong choice and you'll live Sad,Miserable and Broke.Ever watch VH-1 behind the Music? I saw the ones about Vanilla Ice,MC Hammer and a few other stars that went BankRupt because of Bad decisions and Stupid mistakes.They were "HAPPY" when they had it all and "MISERABLE" when they lost it all.I prefer to be Happy because I've experienced having Money and Not having Money and Having MONEY is a whole lot better.

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 you missed the point pick4



i need to fill my freezer with brisket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know I breathe easier when I have money. I'm way depressed when I don't. I am always happier when I can reach in my pocket and pull out some cash to pay for stuff. So are my children.

I think having millions more than you need could be a burden because everyone is trying to get at your money and you have to spend most of your time protecting it from people who would rather bilk you out of it.

I'll have to get back to you on this when I have some


Money is not the most important,but very important,just as sex lol

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They say money can't buy happiness, but being poor sure doesn't guarantee it either!!

I think someone has basically already said that, but that is my philosophy to the money haters. It takes money to make it in this world, and while some can claim to be happy without money, life is just a whole lot easier and better with it. Sticking to the article, money can help you keep up with your health. It can give you a sense of security for you and more importantly, your children.

I would dare even say that there is one way that money can buy happiness...when you give it to someone else. I'm a pretty giving person, and when I have a little extra money, I enjoy the feeling of giving some to someone else or using it to help them somehow. When we decent human beings are able to help another human being in need, that is when we usually feel our happiest.

Sure, there are things you can do to help others without money. And there are examples that would contradict every point that I just made. We can't really make any blanket statements about these issues. But the fact is, you can do more with money than without.

How many of your teenagers said they just wanted a hug for Christmas?


Amen Brother!!!!!!!!!

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    i think

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No matter how little or how much you have you may want to keep this in mind.
Earn $1.00 spend $0.99 = happiness
Earn $1.00 spend $1.01 = despair


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john - i like that.


Money makes the world go around.huh?

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Probably not, but it buys the grease to keep whatever turns it lubricated.....

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