MM Drawing for Friday 12-19-03

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"Here are my chosen number's I will wheel for Friday's draw"

06-08-12-13-14-15-18-20-21-22-23-26-30-32-33-34-36-40-42-44-45 and 46

Possible MB number's are = 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 25, 28, 30, 31 and35

Let's hope that the five number's that "hit" are in my chosen number's.

-Good luck to all of you-

May the Great Spirit Bless us all with lot's of



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Office Pool:::quick pic's,,,,,contractual agreement attached to tickets

  1. 03-04-28-35-45

  2. 06-18-27-39-49

  3. 07-19-42-44-51

  4. 07-10-34-36-45

  5. 16-24-28-41-43

  6. 13-18-21-33-41

  7. 10-30-31-32-46

  8. 11-15-18-47-51

  9. 16-30-32-38-49

  10. 23-25-30-43-47

MB: 8,13,15,28,30,39,40,42,51,52

Good Luck!



MB: 13-19-26-42

Good luck players! :)


Oh my! I totally missed this place since my computer crashed on me! Im eager to play with you all this Friday and to post my numbers too. So, hopefully, Ill get some picked very soon and well come up with some cash instead of an empty pocket.


consecutive sets not hit yet {166 games}







Look for a run of consecutive sets hitting over the next 10 games.

#s from open sets that haven't hit yet. One # of set hit & we're waiting on this 2nd # to hit:


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My picks, using Smart Chart.  Used past six months draws.  MM number selected seperate.

I picked numbers along the trend line.  I just got this program, so I'm not experienced using it........

just hoping for the best,  and Good Luck to all of you.


4  6  32  33  36  +12

9 15 16  18  23  +3

5 14 15  18  25  +3

7  19 23  37  44 +43



 Chief and all:  It's no wonder I could not hit your buffalo in my bath tub the last time.  FOr some strange reason I picked up the wrong chart.  Looking at the MB drawn this last time on my chart and with my 12 to 13 skip chart 47 would have been choosen.  Let me explain.. MP 52 was drawn 7 draws ago and 9 draws ago.  If you would  count        down squares on a point and figure chart you will see that it is 8 spaces to the last drawn and 5 spaces back to land on 47.  8 plus 5 gives you the correct skip ratio of either 12 or 13 as I said in my previous posts explaining what seemed to be working in selecting the MB.  Sorry I screwed up and had the wrong charts but I was very tired at the time I was doing it but if I had used the correct chart it would have worked again.  Try it and see what you think!!!!!!!!  I should point out you would have to have used the 52 that was drawn 9 draws ago.

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Welcome home... We missed you very much. Good luck tonight.


Thanks for the information. I will check it out. Good luck to you also.


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Rebekah & Im Trying:

Good luck to the two of you also and of course my Ol' friend fja. I hope he moved my number's up or down one or two positions, then we might win some money this time. (wink)


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read,em and weep:

  1. 01-06-19-26-41

  2. 01-18-19-40-41

  3. 02-10-32-40-51

  4. 02-16-20-37-43

  5. 03-22-29-32-44

  6. 03-20-27-49-52

  7. 04-16-23-37-46

  8. 04-05-22-28-41

  9. 05-06-26-27-51

  10. 06-07-28-32-44

  11. 06-20-27-42-48

  12. 06-18-27-29-39

  13. 07-28-29-48-49

  14. 07-22-27-32-44

  15. 07-27-32-34-41

  16. 07-08-26-38-51

  17. 08-13-22-32-44

  18. 10-28-32-48-51

  19. 12-33-35-45-50

  20. 14-30-31-33-52


good luck to all!  refuse to lose


18-21-33-40-42 +45      18-21-26-33-36 +16

08-22-26-38-43 + 05      18-22-26-33-44 +45

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Chief:  ran out of time, so I didn't mess with your numbers, (i didnt have the guts to drop mine) but your luck is still running....hope you hit the bullseye tonight, cause if it aint me, it would be nice for one of the LP players to win.

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Kristin: good to see you back!

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Looks like RJOH is keeping them close to the chest!!! Lets see them RJ.

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Thanks for the kind words... RJOH, where are you?


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I never figured so many cold numbers would pop at one time....Chief looks like RJOH wins the "closest to" runner up prize....with 5-10-18-33-34.  I on the other hand have hit a dry spell....Oh well,,,got to keep guessing!

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I'm going to have to check all the numbers again, I thought I did the worst.  Matching two is not worth bragging about.  If it wasn't so cold, I would head over to Indiana and cash in my tickets from October PB and put something on PB for tonight.


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No its not worth braggin about, but like I said sometimes the numbers go from one set of parameters to another and people get closer  for two or three draws...I think MM just jumped into your wheelhouse, so good luck!

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You may be right.  I may have to adjust my number selection parameters, I had 35 and 39 in the original list of 42 numbers but reduce my list to 39 because 35 and 39 hadn't came up in the previous 25 drawings.  When looking at previous drawings, ~80% of the winning combinations had numbers that all had hit at least once in the previous 25 drawings. 



27 Is the only cold ball left to come over to the top now, I believe the rest of them already have.

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thats what I was thinking too, thats why im playing with the last five lines: before Fridays draw these were the following main numbers that had not been drawn:

  1. 35Last drawn in august

  2. 07 Last drawn in sept.

  3. 27 last drawn in sept.

  4. 29 last drawn in sept.

  5. 38 last drawn in sept.

  6. 39Last drawn in sept.

I used those as well as Octs. Numbers(8,20,33,41,51), and added a nov. or Dec repeater to come up with them.the theory was right. the numbers were wrong, but what the hell, i had fun doing it.  and I still say that one of these MB's  (2,9,12,25,40,44) that hasnt hit all year+ will come up before the year is over. (my money is on 2).

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Wouldn't it be better if you picked fewer number's to wheel. If I'm reading your last post right, you said you played 42 number's in your wheel.

I try and capture the number's that will "hit" in no more than 12 or 18 number's, and wheeel those 12 or 18 number's for my Combo's.

Maybe it works differently for you and your system. Just curious.


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Depending on his parameters, he could possibly wheel that many numbers to come with a hand full of lines that meet the criteria, then you add that good old gut feeling to pick out the ones that you want to play with.    I personally hate wheeling, I only use it to see all possible combinations when I cant decide on which one to use.  Had RJ left those two numbers in, he would have been wheeling four out of the five main numbers....whether he would have played that line is another story.

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Thanks for explaining the theory behind the madness...


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I really don't wheel my numbers, I use a RNG that pick from a list of numbers.  I set parameters such as ranges, sums, number positions and gaps for the combinations and etc. based on previous drawings and limit the numbers of times a number is picked. Usually I use all 52 numbers, but lately being trying to reduce the size on the list. Last night I reduced the list to 42 numbers and then used one more parameter (numbers that had hit in last 25 draws) and reduced it to 39 numbers which eliminated 35 and 39. Having a smaller list doesn't help if the winning numbers aren't on it and the smaller the list the more likely the winning numbers aren't going to be on it. Some players prefer using a small list and wheeling its numbers to guarantee a match that will win something if all the winning numbers are on it while I prefer a larger list that I reasonable sure all the winning numbers are on,and picking combinations in such a way that at least three or more of the winning numbers will likely be together on the same lines. And then there the Jack Whittaker method of $100 of QPs and forget all the fussing.(worked for him) I may just use those same numbers for Tuesday's drawing rather than fussing over a new group, fja just might be right about "MM jumping into my wheelhouse".

Good luck if you played the PowerBall, I didn't make the drive to Indiana to cash in my October tickets.


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You had your chance, I guess I'm going to have to drive to Indiana and pick up the winning tickets myself.



AC is Value number's arithmetic complexity parameter ,figured up by Norbert and  Hans--world -famous mathematician lottery experts.

AC value is the total amount of two wanton , Among them R count for bet number and playing method Rs for selecting R

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Yea, I only had a couple of the number's that hit. Again, I was playing 10 & 11 and #12 hit. And I was playing 41, 44 & 45 and #48 hit.

Oh well, at least I get another chane for both draws.

Good luck,



I wasn't bragging, I was just commenting. You know, sharing... being friendly.... & I jokingly meant I was proud that I picked the 35 right as cold numbers are harder to predict... especially such a cold one...  part of why I wrote *lol* after my comment. sheesh! you people are not very friendly.

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Rebeckah...I dont think that comment was directed at you, but more me....and as far as using the number 35, I did that too as well as 39,,,and to tell you the truth I felt the same way,,,,I was happy that I thought of using those numbers, I just didnt think they would both come out on one line,,,I think RJ was refering to the bragging about him getting closer than the chief and I. He gets bragging rights on this draw, he just didnt feel like doing it.

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