Tracking + Playing Doubles Only=Money?

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I'm learning a great deal by tracking these traveling numbers. But this afternoon I was looking over my number charts. A thought came to mind, is it easier to track pick3 doubles and perhaps not win as often, but when you win it's with a BAM!$!$  Doubles have 3 combinations. I can spend three dollars, play straight and get $500. That's it, I'm going for it.  

Give me your spin on this strategy.     

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Double helpings for New Jersey. 446 midday. 244 evening.

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I totally agree with you LAVERNE, some of my biggest wins have been off doubles. I have many different double strageties, I could send them to you if you like.

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Hey there Jennilynn418, yes I would truly appreciate it if you would send me those strategies. Thanks so much.

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Jennilynn, could you send m

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Hi, Jennilyn, it's me Rose, how about sharing those doubles strategies with us here? I too like to play doubles also because they pay more.  I will share one of my strategies here for everyone's benefit?  What I do and has worked  for me sometimes is to play the most due (double that one) with the hottest number, and/or vice versa, double the hottest and play it with the coldest. I guess this is not new for many but it might be good information for some. As usual, nothin works all the time, but it does cometimes with a little luck. Something to try on paper first or watch your State for clues.

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Oh, one more thing. When I play doubles, if I want to save even more, I combo it for $1.50 (I play in TX), so no matter what position it falls, I will still make $250. That will allow me to play it both ways as I described above, the coldest with the hottest and the hottest with the coldest for $3.00 total.  You have to study your State's draws to see how often to expect a double. It could be every 3 or 4 draws or something similar. I know TX had a whole bunch of them falling at one time making up for the times that we didn't have many. Check your State patterns.

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Hi Jennilyn, can you also e-mail me a copy of your different tracking doubles strategy? My e-mail address is Thanks so much!


Hi Jennilynn418 Could you email a copy of your strategy for tracking doubles   

my email is  thanking you in advance for your time.


Hi Jennilynn could you sent me a copy of your tracking stragety for doubles 

mu email is


Hi Jennilynn Would you please send me a copy of your system for tracking doubles.  I play in VA and DC.  Thank you in advance. lmabland

Avatar  Jennilynn please send me a copy of your tracking system for doubles.


Hi Jennilynn, please send me your doubles tracking systems.  my email is



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911 Maryland midday.!$!$


441 Maryland evening.!$!$


Hi Jennilynn could you also send me a copy of your tracking the doubles to Thanks in advance


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