Texas due pairs by Versa Bet 4.0

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In case you don't have VersaBet 34.

Sorry I can't do all states don't have much time for mine.

Texas VersaBet md/eve games combined due pairs longest out in order left to right.


Some of these pairs may hit combined.


240 054 041 490 074 451 254 241 274 187 256 274 271 960 699 909 361 396   

VersaBet4.0 site

Lots o luck   



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lee--thanks for sharing the info, lol


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Thank you

I started playing the overdue pair of 04 on Friday, but as you know I watch the pre-test draws, on Saturday the pre-test results were 555/490/420, now what I've noticed is that this pair sometimes hits  in groups of threes, so if we don't get a 04 pair in todays pretest we have a fair chance at catching that pair soon!..........Joy

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Lee, 940 day, 410 night, WTG, anf Thanks!



Hi Lee,

What do you see for tomorrow TX. mid/eve.and what over due in your opinon?I missed both my mid/even draw dy one ##.

I am from TX.and I love the p-3 game but a win would be good right about now.

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Thanks use the ones that didn't hit

I like a few other daily due 00

187 245 256 274 007 009 000


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