**Hit Last Post** New Picks!! Texas Mid


Picks are for Monday 11-16-03 Mid Day.

Excellent Probability

578 078 079 089 178 179 458 459 467 468 469

Likely most to least order

058 059 068 069 148 158 167 378 018 019 056 156 348


I play only boxed sets with only non double numbers. If you start watching my posts, you will see my picks will hit a lot of the time as long as doubles do not come in.

If you want a more inexpensive bet, play the 578 solo for monday mid day.

The method I use for that particular bet hits on an average of 1 out of 8 games,  and it changes daily. But watch for my postings and always play the first pick listed.

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Do you only play these

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dailypick3--thanks for posting; is the "excellent probability" or the "most to least" list more preferred? if picking the first combo as you suggest, which list should it be from?

thanks again



My picks are for the mid day drawings only.

As for the excellent probability versus the most likely, I cannot tell you which ones to play. If you are strapped for money, go with the excellent probability.

The first pick on the excellent probability is a bet I play that will hit on an average of every 8 games, but it does change daily. If you were to play only that pick every time I post, you should hit a minimum of 3-4 times a month. If it costs you a $1 a day, say 27 plays a month costing $27, one hit boxed will still profit you $53. With that in mind, play that number 10 times a day, that means you will profit $530 dollars for the month.

I have an extra step to run it into a straight which instead of 6 combo's will drop it down to about 4, which I run into a $40 bet playing that 10 times. On a straight that will pay $5000.

Look for my most recent post, I will explain this method for you if you wish to start using it for turning boxed combo's into straights.

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please explain - would like to try in ga.

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For some reason I coul

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Hi DailyPick3, are you the same person that has a website that I've see on the internet?


No I do not have a Website up yet, actually won't be ready for another 10 or so days. Website will be Site is already finished waiting on domain registration and so forth from 3rd party.

I have not tested my methods in other states other than a few draws. I have not had the time yet. The test I have run for Texas Mid Day goes back 90 days, and with great results. I do hope soon to have time to start looking at other states to see if my methods will work or not. Keep watching my posts to see if I have added any states.

The first boxed pick I post is a particular method that hits an average of 1 out of 8 games, which the number pick is always going to be different, and at times it may be 2 picks. Out of the last 90 games that particular method hit 21 times. If you do the math, boxed $1 @ 21 hits is $1680. Even if the plays were $2 each day, you still made $1500.

If you are going to play, play the first boxed number pick I post.  Right now it is out 2 games, but sometimes it hits after 1 skip or 9 skips, never will know, just play it daily. If you can afford to, play it ten times each day boxed, when it hits it will payout $800. Playing the same boxed bet 10 times a day, you have 80 days to hit once to pay yourself back which I can say will not go that long, you should hit well over ten hits in 80 days giving a payout of $8000. I am currently playing it 40 times for a payout of $3200. But I have also hit enough and am playing for free. If you wish you can sit back and watch, but I would highly recommend playing the first pick I post daily.


Folks there is no strategy here because if you played these numbers in straight play form you would have around 114 to 124 straight play numbers every time you played. You ought to hit. 125 out of 1000 is a 1 in 8 chance anyway you slice it. Pick out any 125 on your own you will do just as good. You will always have a 1 in 8 chance no matter what. It is statistics. Caution !!!!! by playing like this you will soon go broke and it will leave a very bitter taste in your mouth.


Hmmmm. Where did that come from. I don't recall saying all the picks I post have a 1 in 8 chance. Just the first pick I post which for today is 578.

I post additional picks for those who wish to play more and hit more often. The additional picks hit just about every time there is not a double.

So folks, there is no caution. I did not mean all the numbers have a 1 in 8 chance, just the first pick which again for today is 578.

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I know these numbers have never hit in Texas 999 536,but I never see them posted as being due.Whats the chance of them hitting soon?


I am one not to ask about due numbers. When I pick a set of numbers to play, it is in a way that I do not look at due, hot, cold, even or odd, I play them all. I use patterns to generate the next set of numbers but never modify the struture of the bet.

But as for my opinion, if I were to look at due numbers, I myself would not play anything that has not played before.

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Hello DailyPick3, last night I was compairing your list to the list of traveling numbers I am tracking. 11/17/03 Maryland midday 156. That was a straight as an arrow>>>>> hit. WTG!$!$



My picks are for Texas only, if it happened to have hit in another State that is only by chance, and if by chance they tend to hit in other States a great number of times, well chance is always good, LOL.

Thanks for the reply though..

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