Looking for that Florida straight

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Heavy odd numbers are really, really due. In the last 10 draws, the evens have outnumbered the odds 21 to 9.

In all three positions, all of the longest numbers out are odd numbers. 7s are particularly notable in that they hold the highest drought numbers in the first and third positions.

My initial workings has revealed these four numbers: 703, 785, 735, 235.

Anyone with any additional insight?

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Hi Lobsterclan,

I don't follow Fl on a regular basis but I looked it over and I came up with these that may show in the next few days.

737-656-235-982-980-280-158. That 703 looks good too. I have it as 730.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

Bryan  :)

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Some of you may remember my post on Florida second time numbers, located here.

In it, I said that within 10 days, it was likely one of those numbers would hit. You may have noticed that a boxed combination of one of them did hit on Saturday night as 840.

073 happens to be another one of those second time numbers, and man, some combination of that number is really itching to come out. Check out these stats:

037 last drawn 10/02/00 drawn 6 times, 1119 draws since last

073 last drawn 07/21/93 drawn 1 time,  3749 draws since last

307 last drawn 12/28/01 drawn 4 times, 667 draws since last

370 last drawn 04/05/94 drawn 4 times, 3491 draws since last

703 last drawn 06/11/95 drawn 2 times, 3059 draws since last

730 last drawn 04/15/96 drawn 3 times, 2750 draws since last

3 of the 6 combinations of this number have been out for 3,000 + draws!

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Well heres my two cents...

The 3 and 1 Back pair sum is Waaaaaaayyyyyy past due. And using Lobsters Hot due in the Back pair only gives..


I really agree with Lobster on the Heavy Odd Number

767 - 967 Straight

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Another thought to keep in mind.

The Front Pair has had either the same High Low or the exact opposite High Low for the last 7 draws. Tonight will have a Front Pair as High / High or Low / Low!!

Low - 01234
High - 56789

I also dont want to leave out that 47 back pair. Specifically because of the 7 in the thrid position and the 1 sum. So Keeping a heavy odd with the Front Pair HH or LL  I like 147 and 347 Straight!!

We are going to nail it tonight....I can feel it!!!!

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Are you feelin 785 cause i have spent alot of money on that and i play fla everyday

Help help Help!

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Personally...Id switch

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Obviously that didn't quite work out, with the 932-- but I definitely feel like we were on the right track. We had the double odds pulled right, and you had the Vtracs right with your 347-- I think we just need to hone a few things to get a little closer.

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