Collaboration on Florida for a Straight

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OK, so for Florida tonight its lining up like this...

Back Pair with a sum of 1 or 3 and an even Vtrac (1368). Three sum is the hottest with the even Vtrac in the third position (In red, and I really like the 03 & 58). All we need is the FIRST number and we got this one Straight.!!





Any Ideas???



              I say  003  303 or  203

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The back pair has had 7 double Highs/Lows in a a strong pull for a HL or LH number and the only fit is the 38 or 83. This also fits the missing 4 Vtrack (10 draws out) in the Back pair.

Additionally, I like a full three digit number with a root sum of 9,6,2,5,7,4.

This gives.



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Quick note on the current top group drought numbers:


A7= 18 draws  A9= 17 draws

B3= 22 draws  B5=19 draws

C7=23 draws  C1=12 draws


Notice, all our top drought numbers are odd! The only thing that can change this setup is if the B3 or B5 hit-- I think its almost a requirement.

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Whoops, I missed a little something there--- either the middle 3 or 5 has to hit, OR the first 7 or 9 have to hit to make an even number a top drought number... One of those two scenarios almost has to happen

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Thanks guys... I agree Lobster. If we go with the B3/B5 and use the HL/LH Back pair we get the 38. We rarely get a double due number so That still fits the range. However, if we go with the A7/ dosent.

Sooo, does the A7/A9 have a stronger pull then the HL/LH Back pair? Well, I dont really think it does. Plus its been 11 days since we had a 19+ number due in the second position. So, that 3 is extremely strong.

Still its been 3 draw since the last really due number hit. So I agree that one of them is a must for tonight.

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I think the Vtrac tracking is where we have to be careful--- we can look at this and say, oh the last digit has been an odd Vtrac the last 8 draws, it has to be even this time-- and it should be.  But this is where I always find myself in trouble: sometimes these numbers like to play games.


I've always said that 8 draws of a certain pattern is where you have to really watch it, and that means by my own rules this last digit really needs to be watched for, but it's hard to be certain. Anyways, I definitely like your idea for the 38 back pair, as it fits a lot of things, and it hasn't hit as a back pair since July 6th.

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I know its hard to find thoughs "Wacked out patterns"(WOPs) that fall together. Iv been watching this one for a while and there were other WOPs that need to fall first before this one was ready to fall. Its still gambling but being able to count the card is a true advantage.


Hmmmmn... Maybe the doubles?? 338 - 838

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Ok, here's a quick look at all the numbers that have the 38 back pair in them, how many times they've hit and their last appearance:


038 hit 9 times last time 11/23/00

138 hit 5 times last time 07/06/03

238 hit 9 times last time 10/19/02

338 hit 5 times last time 01/06/99

438 hit 7 times last time 10/15/02

538 hit 5 times last time 08/29/00

638 hit 4 times last time 02/20/00

738 hit 4 times last time 11/12/96

838 hit 8 times last time 12/01/02

938 hit 5 times last time 08/13/99

I definitely like the 738 and the 938 the best, and they both fit your roots criteria. Any thoughts?


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opps spell correction (...find those) brain fart.


Geeee!  I wish I knew what you guys are talking about.

I have a simple way of picking my numbers. I find that IL  and FL numbers are intertwined somehow and 338 hit in IL today. Based on past history whenever 338/883 hit in IL, a lot of times 330/003 will follow in FL and vice versa. 330 looks even better today because 624 hit in Fla yesterday. Take a look at March 1998 records:

  Mar 14      642 FL            677  IL eve

  Mar 15      330 FL            833  IL eve


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Thanks Wiz... that damn Ill always stealing our numbers...

Even though the 38 fits a HL/LH Back pair...I do agree that the 03/30 is a great play. Id rather go for that 3 sum over the 1 sum anyway.

Lobster... another WOP is the original numbers in the first position. We have had 6 in a row!! Ummmm a strong pull for a 6,3,1,0,5,4 there.

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OK, Wiz stuc

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and 547 fits all but the except the even Vtrac... probably shouldnt leave that out.

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