Jazzy - Thursday -10/16/03

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Hi .all I am new to the site ,and I want to tell every one that this is the best site that I have come across and that you all do a great job on predicting numbers.I am from TX.and I would like to see more people from Tx predicting Pick 3 numbers that is my favorite game

Love this site

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Hi Ladyt55..



          Good call in FL, Jazzy

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way 2 go 305fl

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This, and 571 were really, mycan't miss, numbers, fortheweek!

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Nice call in Ohio Jazzy...

  There are so many post to read anymore Jazzy - that I'm having a hard time keeping up on everything and working on and posting my numbers - I hope you and all the members understand that when I miss reading one of your post that it is unintentional...

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