TX to decide Thursday 7/31 which game


The Mega Millions group doesn't want Texas to play both.


Texas's decision will really be key in the Powerball vs. Mega Millions race.

I hope they choose Powerball but my gut says they will pick Mega Millions.

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smd: I agree, I think it will be Mega Millions.

My hope is that after they choose MM, that the Mega Millions states take the opportunity to go back to the drawing board a fix a few mistakes they made when they went from The Big Game to Mega Millions.

  • Change the number pools: increase the size of the pool for the first 5 numbers, and decrease the number of Mega numbers.  That will give everyone a better chance to win lower-tier prizes.

  • Add a multiplier like Powerball (Power Play)

  • Increase the 5+0 prize

  • Increase the annuity period to 30 years (produces bigger jackpot rollovers, which increases sales)

Mega Millions should also require ALL members (including TX, if they join, and NY, to allow the cash/annuity choice to be made AFTER winning).

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How could I have forgotten tha


Because NJ does it the right way.


After what I have learned, I am voting for Powerball.  Megamillions doesn't open their records to public inspection.  Dawn Nettles at Texas Lottery Report has the full skinny on this issue if you want to visit her website.  Megamillions has a better 5 number prize than Powerball, however.  That is the only advantage I can see in their setup.  I predict Texas will go with Powerball.


Then perhaps TX would be able to replace Lotto Texas with "Hot Lotto".

New Mexico should join "Hot Lotto" regardless.


My guess is TX will join Mega Millions, although MUSL is better organized. Texas' large population, coupled with two neighbors selling PB, are important factors.

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But I do believe Mega Millions records are open to public inspection.  All winners that come forward have been indentified.  And I remember seeing somewhere the you can't claim prizes anonymously in Mega Millions.  Can you in Powerball?



Delaware winners AFAIK can be anonymous.

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But it's ONLY Delaware that allows winners to remain anonymous.... unless you have your lawyer pick it up for you.  One of the Powerball winners from the February 22, 2003 drawing (Louisiana) was called "Cello Investments, LLC" but a lawyer claimed the prize on behalf of his client.

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It's Friday and I still haven't heard any news on what Texas will do.  This could possibly hurt business but "I must adapt".

Personally, I hope we stay separate.  We are currently the #3 lotto in the country.

"Live on the edge people!"



The way the Texas Lotto is currently structured it doesn't deserve to survice.  They don't pay anything for the bonus ball on Texas Lotto and count a break-even as a win on the scratch-off games.  They are not consumer-friendly, which is a shame.  In reality, the customer is still always right.  This is reflected in the miserable results they are having with the new Texas Lotto game.  Perhaps they will replace the current Lotto game with a 6/50 game.  They should look at what Florida is doing with its 6/53 game.  It got up to $75 million.  Greed and government over-spending always get these guys in the end.


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I agree Orangeman, greed is a formidable preditor.  I guess it's my typical Texas mentality that makes me want to keep the lotto for ourselves.  I guess, inevitably, we're gonna have to share at some point.

How are things in Austin?  I love to visit there, it's a cutting edge city for industry and music, but only visit; or possibly work.


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