How many winners over $100..oo

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Ask this question on another post but thought it would be seen by a wider group here.

  How many people have won more than the standard $100.oo on the pick-4 game?   I hit once playing the same number 10 ways........... not one straight, ofcourse.  

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I played a number 3 times box because i saw it on a billboard, my mileage, and it was the last 4 digits of the phone number at the store i stopped at-it hit total payoput $1248.00


i have won the play four straight on four different occasions 2500.00 3x and 5000.00 1x. boy those were great days, LOL!!

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usually win box $100 2-3 times a month. sometimes on my own but more on q.p.

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Thanks emilyg and bingo. I'm going to try on a regular basis for awhile, and see about playing at least 2 number come backs everyday.  

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I was blessed to hit for $2900.00 back in '97 and then $400.00 each time after that whenever 1122 fell in Cash 4. I didn't sleep that night when I hit for $2900.00, what a beautiful feeling when I went to GLC and picked that check up and deposited in my bank.  Remember to save those lottery tickets  that you didn't hit on so when tax time come you file them with your taxes. I didn't have to pay on that $2900.00. Have fun and let's get that money!!!

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