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Hello, Casho here. Here is my new Cash4ology Hot Sheet. I still have a few more finishing touches to add to it. This sheet is mainly for Georgia, however, the Hottest Numbers that pass through 8 to 12 filters seem to always travel once they hit in one state. Some of them numbers are on this sheet. They are not marked here, I don't want my subsribers to get mad. Inside the Inner Circle is where I will place the numbers in Red and tell which are the more quality picks, and believe me, I know. I was gonna explain Cash4ology to everyone, just like I did Cash3ology, but it seems for saftey purposes I will have to do things another way. This system is far different from any other, and feel it is superior in quality. I have a lot of free time this week, so yall are getting ready to see some amazing things with these numbers. Thanks Casho.

Reminder: The overdue numbers and sums for this sheet are for Georgia. However, any state can play from those Hot Picks. My Hot Picks mean HOT EVERYWHERE. So, keep an eye on them.

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too many numbers cash34ologisti!





ok, 34 numbers

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Hi Cash340ologist, well I forgot to say for ME it is too many numbers because you confuse everybody with your HOT SHEETS sometimes you say you have 2 hot numbers and everybody who look at your sheets see lots of numbers there.  Also, you are always saying to everyone that you are the best.  And you know what, I know about this too and I don't predict 34 numbers and I play my numbers everyday.  So just tell me how many numbers do you want, tell me the state and let's put it on the table.  I'm always wondering if you are really good because sometimes I think you are just bluffing and I think lots of people think that but I can't speak for them I can just speak for me and probably you are going to say 'I don't have nuthin' to prove you' I bet that is going to be your answer.  I remember a few weeks ago you put a 50 number challenge on the table and I put my 50 numbers and I was waiting for you but you never came. 

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As usual you are evicting the challenge with excuse after another...always avoiding the are the one who is not in my league and don't live from the past.  Now I know forsure you are bluffing and not as good as you say.


You are a joke

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It's only too many numbers if you can't afford too play them,if you can then they aren't.Only play what you can afford I use filters too reduce my combo's I usually end up with 18-36 numbers then I reduce them down too 5-10 combo's.

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Quote:Originally posted by JAZZY JASPER on June 02, 2003

"Figures, don't lie, but liars, sure can figure."



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Casho, Tomatin,



Thanks Sweet T.

$ Virginia 2685 bx $

$ Oregon 4871 bx $

$ DC 7456 bx $

$ Wisconsin 2095 bx $

June 3, 2003

In the Hot Picks

"When you know, you justknow"

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hello Casho what do you like for Ohio? Thanks

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Yes, Please give us some numbers for Ohio?



No Problem....

Ohio Midday June 4, 2003

5679 box

in the Hot Picks


3596 NY bx

June 4, 2003

In the Hot Picks

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Quote:Originally posted by CASH34OLOGIST on June 12, 2003

Members of the Inner Circle, I just had a Cash 4 number passed through 8 of 12 filters, more than likely it's going to fall within drawings, play it str/bx. Thanks for subscribing. Also that Cash 3 number that I put there should hit, maybe today. Good Luck

Members of the Inner Circle, that number fell last night, it will travel through the states, it's worth a $24 combo.

Yesterday's Hits

Illinois 2679 bx in the Hot Picks on first sheet

Tri State 8629 bx on first sheet

Maryland $ 3526$ bx Hot Picks World 4 ology

Michigan 2370 bx Hot Picks World 4 ology

Michigan Eve 7690 Hot Picks on first sheet

Missouri 0145 bx World 4 ology TTT in RED

New Jersey $ 0356 $ bx Hot Picks World 4 ology

Penn 5814 bx World 4 ology TTT

Rhode Island 5748 bx Hot Picks on first sheet

Virginia 1435 bx World 4 ology TTT in RED

When you know, you just know



June 14th
DC 0413 bx World 4 ology TTT
NJ 2059 bx, first sheet Hot Picks
Oregon 5396 bx, first sheet Hot Picks
Quebec 1342 bx, World 4 ology TTT
SC 1742 bx, World 4 ology TTT
West Virginia 6594 bx, first sheet Hot Picks

And the Straights Continue to ROCK !!
$ 8560 $
as 6580.

Also forgot to post the STRAIGHT I had on June 13 2003 for Rhode Island from the first sheet Hot Picks.

$$  2095 $$

Ching Ching !!, Ching Ching !!

And these surely aren't done.


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you're on a hot roll.


Thanks EmilyG, Special Straight picks for All States Cash 3 & Cash 4 will be posted within the next week. Make sure you visits there, the Georgia Split & All States Slpit will be placed on the Hotter numbers. Also, on your daily Hot Sheets for Georgia, those digits above the puzzle as Red's Digits to watch will hit very very often. Thanks for your support and your comments through the years.

Fact: Numbers fall in patterns throughout the country. I am not sure why the numbers that pass through the higher percentage of my Mega Filters produce these winning numbers for all states. A found a place that carry this pattern for Cash 3 & Cash 4. This is why I know what's going to happen. Sometimes you just have to believe in order to achieve.

Commom sense is the biggest tool to the Cash 3 & Cash 4 game.

People I just got a real good feeling, this roll that um on, will never stop, so come and get you some.

See ya in the Inner Circle, I'm going to step it up a notch.

Peace to all, Casho.

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Thanks for your posts Casho!&n

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Connecticut $ 1375 $ bx

Florida 2957 bx

Illinois 2957 bx

Indiana 1765 bx

NJ $ 6805bx $

Wisconsin Ching Ching !!

5369 Straight

Georgia 4 ology Ching Ching!!

6095 Straight

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Hey Casho,

Still ca


Yes Ma'am, Went to the box today. Got to reach the webmaster so he can let you in. I will post your Hot Sheet for today on the public forum. Give me 5 mins it will be there. You will have access to The Inner Circle by tommorrow, hopefully tonight.


You will have

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Thanks Casho!!!


would like to join but can not see where to sign up on the website? Another ??, I am an idiot when it comes to reading your hot sheets, do you give the inner circle members numbers to play or do they get your hot sheet?


Quote:Originally posted by bingo on June 23, 2003

would like to join but can not see where to sign up on the website? Another ??, I am an idiot when it comes to reading your hot sheets, do you give the inner circle members numbers to play or do they get your hot sheet?

They get the Hot Sheets and numbers to play. Real Hot numbers, the kind that can't wait to fall out the machines. I will teach you everything you need to know.

Reds Enterprise

PO Box 832067

Stone Mountain Ga 30083


do I send a money order? if so how much? thanks


Can't give price here. All the info is on my site though. Just look under the topic, "How to order and read the Hot Sheets. Thanks.

You can do a monthly or yearly membership.

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