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Good morning!

I really like that 921.  Happens to be my birthday straight.  I don't play it everyday in cash 3, but I've been riding William's birthday in cash4 (1219).  That 100 (110) looks good for today, too.  Also like it in pick 4 as 1010.  As far as a triple, we're definately ready for one.  The numbers have been falling in the "triple zone" on my puzzle for most of the week, so it's time for one.  I'll probably put at least 50 cents on all of them just to cover myself, but I'm going to wager a little extra on the 222s and 000s, because those triples are showing up around our hits from this week.  The 666s and 999s are there, also.

There seems to be a pattern going on with triples hitting in the pick 4 games this week, so you guys may want to pay very close attention to that when making your selections.  I've been playing 2922 and 9992 all week long.  So, I'll probably go back with that one at noon today.  I'm also going back with that 1131(3133) and I'll throw a little something on 1411(4144) just for the heck of it.  I'm gonna sign off for now and catch me a few more winks before the kids get started.  Take care, and as always, I hope my picks do something for somebody somewhere...

Sista Dee

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  921 came im Midday ILL. yesterday. Hope it come for ya soon!!!!  I've got soooooo much money invested in 110, when it does come, it'll only be a refund!!!!!

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