4 picks for your states pick 3 ..9/17/02

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Arizona : 198-192-182-982

California : 645-641-651-451

Connecticut  midday :291-293-213-913

Connecticut evening : 925-920-950-250

Delaware midday : 856-851-861-561

Delware evening : 584-580-540-840

District of Columbia midday :037-038-078-378

District of Columbia evening : 706-701-761-061

Florida : 680-684-605-805

Georgia midday : 059-056-096-596

Georgia evening : 173-176-136-736

Idaho : 429-425-495-295

Illinois midday : 163-162-132-632

Illinois evening : 792-794-724-924

Indiana midday : 291-298-218-918

Indiana evening : 096-097-067-967

Iowa : 792-794-724-924

Kansas : 951-952-912-512

Kentucky midday :591-597-517-917

Kentucky evening : 863-867-837-637

Louisiana : 024-025-054-254

Maryland midday : 654-659-649-549

Maryland evening : 963-962-923-623

Michigan midday : 185-186-156-856

Michigan evening : 326-328-368-268

Minnesota : 059-019-015-159

Missouri : 601-602-612-012

New Jersey midday : 420-427-407-207

New Jersey evening : 124-123-143-243

New Mexico : 627-621-671-271

New York midday : 589-582-592-892

New York evening : 609-603-693-093

Ohio midday : 806-805-865-065

Ohio evening :  394-392-342-942

Pennsylvania : 905-904-954-054

South Carolina : 473-479-439-739

Texas midday : 614-618-648-148

Texas evening : 219-216-296-196

Virginia midday : 581-587-517-817

Virginia evening : 053-052-032-532

Washington : 634-635-654-354

West Virginia : 485-456-486-856

Wisconsin : 431-432-412-312









Hi Larry,


Massachusetts is missing.

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you had the number boxed in florida. Linda


954 straight in Pa.

Great call.

At a glance, the 0,9,5 were the only three numbers that didn't come out in the last three days and the 4 was the hottest. That's usually how I play the number. Is that close to how you pick them in Pa.?

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Hi Pick,

This is how how I picked it for Pa, I am doing this with all states this week, next week I,ll do something different.

I have for Today  9-18-02:

0-2-1-7-6-8-3-9-5-4 ==  021-024-014-214 as you can see I am using the 3 most due numbers within the  the last few days with the last number that fell.

Hope it helps


Hi Larry,


If not too much trouble how did you pick Massachusetts?


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Hi Clair,

For tonights Mass, numbers this is what I did.

your numbers are in order of most due for the past few days

9-1-7-6-0-3-4-8-2-5 =  917-915-975-175  I chose these numbers by using only the front three numbers .

here is how you would get your next play, just for fun we say the 915 fell
now your next set would look like this

7-6-0-3-4-8-2-9-1-5 = 760-765-705-605

as I said this does not work all the time, but it does work while only giving you 4 numbers to play



Hi Larry,


Thank You


im still playing my numbers 412 any order and 227 any order here in va whole week until i win so i have some money for my pocket please some one give me good luck ok  god bless to you all and good night and thank you all.


Hi Larry,


Tonight's number Mass. 177 first 3.  You gave 175 and 917.  Very close.

With respect to your prior reply.  How do you get the most due?


825 appears to be the last number played.


Please advise.





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9-6-0-3-4-8-2-5-1-7 = 960-967-907-607


xxx{FONT]re: hi larry, i would like to know where you get the single nu's to make the 3&4-digit nu's? could you do one for Mi. i hope this comes out right, this my first time using the new message board. thanks

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I get the numbers from your states draw, usally 10-15 draws will give you this set of numbers , sometimes less .yesterdays draws were 459 midday and 170 evening, these are your least due numbers to hit, however we do see a lot of times at least 1 of these numbers will repeat today, so this week this is how I would do your state

Michigan midday
1-8-2-0-3-6-7-4-5-9= 182-189-829-129

Michigan evening
4-8-5-3-1-7-0 =260-269-290-690

I think I may have posted a little wrong on the post page as far as this way goes but still a good set, I just used the 7 instead of the 0


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