To Sandy K; A queen in her own right.


I have been doing well; the wife, and I have a new born Girl
Skye is her name; she is doing well at 14. 5 ounces 3 months old, loud and active; just like her daddy. I now hAAVE TWO WOMEN TO KEEP HAPPY. bOY DOES LIFE CHANGE DAILY.

May the richest blessing be to you and your family; and thanks for being concerned about me.

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just a fellow Christian. You will have to bring your daughter out to our home sometime so I can do a sketch and paint her portrait. I can also take her fishin' when she gets a few months kids learned as soon as they could walk. I live off a lake and I sure fish a lot. I used to do beautiful carvings of fish but when I was in the hospital so long, I lost my finger strength. Hubby won't let me carve anymore...says I will kill myself. Anyway, I like 377, 973,223,545, 354 and 972,556 and 566 for tomorrow's Michigan draw. What do you think of the numbers?


Oh my WOW I just started learning how to fish well; I got a good brother friend of mine thatn showed me how it was so much fun/ and relaxing


been playing 377 a long time now; bought to let it go?

Oh wow I love to have a new place to fish; oh my look forward to that; I love catfish my favorite.

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No catfish lake.......pike, bass, crappie, blue gill and perch.......that's all I think is in there. I took my friend's 7 year old out a few weeks ago and she caught one heck of a bass and all on her own. My son-in-law caught a large pike last year. Honest, that 737 is a good number, play it .50 wheel.

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