Who called it...yeah i did....468 IN MICHIGAN!!!!!

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I finally won again. And it was my own numbers. Evens smevens it doesn't matter. Last night i bet $1 but of course the night that I win I only bet $.50. But hey that $41 isn't gonna hurt. I am so happy. Love ya guys!!!! haha

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You have been calling it for a few days now.....way to go, Bradley.


i hit the 426 str. and i missed the 846 tonight, along with the 167, bad day with nu's, but will bonce back. congraulaton to those who won today.


Congrats on your win. My own biased 60/40 Wheel predicted the number in 3 boxed combinations tonight.

WTG in beating them odds. Whats next? All Odd? ;-)

Good Job......../George

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