A Kindler,Gentler Rock?


Greetings to The Rock's millions and millions of The Rock's fans and especially his number 1 fan V-dude. The Rock wants to say that his faith has never been stronger and destiny never more obvious and a few jabroni's and nay sayers and unbelievers will not cause The Rock to sway off course and be assured of the same future of down below as they are for there is only one place for those who sniff aerosol cans and stay on the crack pipe. So effective immediately there will be a nicer, kindler, gentler Rock and The Rock says just sit back and let time tell who is right and you jabroni's can throw whatever garbage you want to at The Rock and The Rock will not hate you nor slam you back but instead show you love for The Rock knows that, that aint nothing but the the darkness below and the crack pipe and aerosol cans talking. So this is it jabroni's The Rock has nothing else to say on this so just sit back and let time tell who belongs in the nut house of course The Rock already knows who. When The Rock wins he will stand up for the glory of the man above and tell where his blessings came from and give him all the praise and glory no matter who objects for The Rock fears God more than any man so get ready for a Sunday Sermon when it happens because The Rock is already ready.

The Rock


I could of said it with a little more moving words; like low minded folks, less than incompetent, the fool hath said in his heart there is no God. see

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i'm still asking you - what does this have to do with the lottery? you are on a lottery site. why don't you email friends with your lengthy nonsense.

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emily, it has everything to do with the lottery. the rock is talking about his destiny, winning the mega-millions.
we will see if he is right. i am hoping that he will.



Its really amazaing you defend The Rock. I do really appreciate your loyalty to The Rock. I certainly do follow your post here. And I am proud to say i am your No I fan here.

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It is not wise to plan your future on winning the mega millions. If it happens, it happens. Chances are that it never will. Seems like most of the winners just happen to pick up a ticket along with the milk and bread. Just live your life the best you can, buy a ticket every now and then and forget about it.

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Here is the house I am going to buy when I win the 1 billion dollar mega millions jackpot.

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Damn Thomas I had to copy & paste that whole link!...but the house is beautiful.

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thank you for your compliments and support. i support the rock because he is worthy. if you read between the lines about what he has to say in here you will know what i mean. but the real reason i support the rock is because i have a relationship with him outside the lottery post. i know where his heart truly is. i have no choice but to root for him to succeed. but then again, i root for all people to succeed. that is of course until they prove to me that they don't deserve it. may god bless you lottoneel in all you do.

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you are a wise man thomas. it is not wise to live as if you will win, just play. have you ever read the book by rob sanford : "infinite financial freedom"? alot of wisdom contained in that book about living life while still playing the lottery. however there are and have been people who "know" their destiny. god still tells people about his will for their lives at times. the only way that you or i can discount someones claim to knowing there destiny is TIME. over time if it doesn't happen, then they were full of it ( a jabroni-lol). to play fair, giving the benefit of the doubt, odds are that the rock is right until he drops dead. at that time if he is wrong then you can say he was full of it. i like to align myself with visionaries. not people who "dream up stuff", but people who actually know their destiny (i know mine !).   maybe you have never experienced that, but it is exciting to watch as it unfolds and all the naysayers shrink with embarassment. you are an inteligent man, i am sure you can come up with examples in life of people who "made it big" and always knew they were going to. is the rock one of those? i don't know ,but i am rooting for him to succeed as i am for you. ..........V-DUDE


Thanks to you "V". You certainly are a gentleman. I do read what The Rock says between the lines. I do like him...These days he is commin out with softer and gentler touch...This way i guess he could make his numbers of fans into Billioons instead of millions and i Wish him all the good luck. Good Luck to you also in everything you do and May God give you all the happiness in the world. You deserve it...

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