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Somebody hit the MA 6/42 last night (wonder if they know they'll be stuck with annuity payments!). Hopefully your friends and neighbors now can be convinced to try "Hot Lotto".



Yup someone in the western part of the state.. I've taken trips out there for the fun of it seeing how the eastern half of the state is either 1) not that lucky or 2) just plain cursed.. Take your pick..Oh and there are some great roads out in that part of the state.. I love back road driving..

It wasn't me who won, :( but I did play, I also played Hot Lotto but know one won that either.. I'm really starting to wonder about Hot Lotto.. is anyone playing it? I would think someone might have hit it by now..

I received another reply back from the Lottery.. I honestly think I could yell the issue into their ears in person and they still would think that changing the labels on the machine is the right answer... I just don't get it.

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Thank you for your concern and taking the time to contact us. We are
currently in the process of updating the keys on the lottery's betting
terminals. We have asked our Field Representatives to communicate with
the agents regarding the differences in the games. Hopefully, these two
changes will eliminate the problems at the agent locations.


I'm hoping it's someone in their 80s or 90s who hit the MA Megabucks to show how ridiculous it is for MA to not allow lump sums in their 6/42 or 6/49. I still think the best way to force MA to change and/or replace the 6/42 and 6/49 is to boycott them. This is a good time to quit playing the 6/42 and encourage your friends and neighbors to switch to "Hot Lotto". As for "Hot Lotto", sales will pick up by next month when Washington DC joins the game. The DC Lottery, I believe, has the best per-capita play of the 22 Powerball jurisdictions.

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