It probably won't make much of a difference but ya never kno


I thought I'd share an email I sent to the MA lottery... the only email I could find on their web site was for the web master, hence the note.. For CASHONLY (yeah I know I shouldn't be buying Mass Millions or Megabucks in the first place)

Dear games official c/o Webmaster:

Note to Webmaster, please forward this email to whoever may address issues with the Mass lottery games of Mass Millions and Megabucks, thank you.

I am writing in regards to a problem I have noticed since the change in the Big Game, and one that I thought we, the consumers, might face. With the change of the Big Game to "Mega Millions", the name which is close to "Mass Millions", I have already run into several clerks who incorrectly sold me quick picks for Mega Millions instead of MA Millions, as I had requested. I do realize that the lottery can't control the focus or attention of the clerks who sell lottery tickets across the Commonwealth, but I propose that someone may want to take a look at this issue.

While looking at that issue, I would also suggest that the lottery may want to change Mass Millions and/or Megabucks so that a lump sum payment is allowed, as in the new NH lottery game Hot Lotto. While I understand the differences of the 6/42 and 6/49 was great a few years ago, I feel, and have heard from several other lottery players, that an overhaul of at least one of the games is needed.

I hope these ideas are not new, but are already being considered. The lump sum option is an attractive one as can be seen by the popularity of Powerball, The Big Game, and Hot Lotto. I'd love to see the MA games updated to compete with these other options.


Someday22: Maybe the Mega Millions betslips have "quick pick" boxes on them. If so, you can get quick picks for MM without the possibility of the clerk giving you tickets for the wrong game. As for Mr Murphy, who is running for state treasurer in MA, he wants to see less emphasis on huge prizes and more "middle tier" wins. I suggested that the 6/42 and/or 6/49 be replaced with a 46-48 number game with a CASH OPTION (if the 6/42 and/or 6/49 are retained, they need a cash option as well), and also that the 5/35 Mass Cash game expand to at least four drawings per week.

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That's exactly why I have never liked the name "Mega Millions". It's such an obviously flawed name, that only a lottery director could pick it. ;-)



Cash Only:

First off, are you Patrick? Just curious..

I don't usually use slips when choosing quick picks.. I mean that's one of the good things about quick picks, less wasted paper.

The thing that I find most curious is that while the game's name has changed, "Big Game" is still in the new name, so in a sense, I would think MA clerks and residents really wouldn't need to change anything... for instance

I want two quick picks for Mega Millions I say "Two quick picks for the Big Game please"

Now I'll comment on one other thing.. the clerks do sometimes have to deal with people that are just not paying attention.. I've heard this particular phrase more times then I care to "a quick pick for whatever is playing tonight.. " and of course on Tuesday and Fridays that means the clerk asks Big Game or MA Cash?

Ya know what.. I'm nit picking at this point.. I'll shut up and deal :)


Someday22: Yes, this is Patrick. I changed my handle mostly because there STILL are annuity-only situations, and some games still require the cash/annuity choice ahead of time. In my earlier reply, I meant to tell you that every dollar played for the MA 6/42 or 6/49 is a vote in favor of annuity-only lotto games. The BEST way to make MA change/replace the 6/42 and/or 6/49 is to boycott them.



I understand and agree however my plans which are kinda specific mate very well to an annuity payout so that's why I play.. At the moment.. Wednesday night's Megabucks drawing is for 5.7 million while Hot Lotto is for 2.1.. while it is sad that Megabucks doesn't pay out in a lump sum option, looking beyond that, the odds are better for hitting Megabucks than Hot Lotto..

btw I did a quick search on Mr Murphy and wasn't able to find anything... you wouldn't happen to have a web site address or other info that I could research?



Someday22: The Hot Lotto jackpot is 700k more than you think. Also, the 6/42 is 5.6m, not 5.7m. Sorry if I'm nitpicking. Mr Murphy's E-mail address is



Yeah I know that the amounts I put in the previous email were off by a tad when I wrote them (I was really guessing about HL and somewhat guessing about MB) anyway.. I have tickets for both games this eve and we'll see.

Thanks for the email address..


Someday22: I'd love to hear of a 90-year-old hitting MA Megabucks (or Mass Millions) to show how ludicrous it is for MA to still require annuity payments in the two games.



Well I'm only in my late 20s, although I have been called an old soul ...

If I have reason to meet with the lottery folks (read: if I win) I would ask for a few moments to discuss lump sum vs. annuity. I'm sure they've probably already heard about it and as I said in my email to them MA Millions and Megabucks are too similar IMO. One of them (probably MM) needs to change..


Someday22: Certainly, I hope you win! But, of course, if it's in the near future, I just don't want it to be the MA 6/42 or 6/49 ;-)                                      Megabucks began in the early 1980s; Mass Millions in 1987. Neither game's format has changed since _1991_! Even when Big Game began in 1996, MA did not change (or eliminate) either game. So, until 1999, there were _3_ annuity-only jackpot games in MA. I've said earlier that there's no need for both the 6/42 and 6/49 to co-exist anyway. I would replace BOTH games with a 46-48 ball game.               BTW, I would try to give up the 6/42 and 6/49 so you don't end up winning and then telling the MA Lottery that they are wrong in forcing you to receive an annuity.

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