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Hey people,
I hope everyone is enjoying a great break. I want to know how many of you have bought any wheeling software that actually works, I am planning to buy the Gail Howard stuff, but I want to know your thoughts about it.



I bought Gail Howard's Advantage Plus and her wheeling software. I think her program is good but I stress that you have to carefully analyze the charts produced by the software instead of relying solely on her "smartpicks" numbers to play. No, I haven't won yet, but the charts are good.

Try going to

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Greg is exactly right about using the Gail Howard software. Wheels work, if made right they can't 'not' work. Wheels will do exactly what they say they will do if you meet their conditions.

The Gail Howard wheels are basic, standard wheels like you find in most lottery software only well presented and easy to work with. There are no pair, zoned, giant wheels only full, reduced and key number wheels.

Wheels are like the manual transmission of a car, you have to shift mental gears to find the right wheel for your purpose and the wrong one at the wrong time won't help and can even make things worse.

The engine is the number picker, you pick the right numbers and put them on the right wheel you can even win a jackpot. This isn't likely to happen if you want to play all the numbers or can't pick 4 or 5 for the first 10 in a front loaded or zoned wheel.

You need to do all you can to educate yourself on what wheels are and how to use them so your lottery system doesn't stall out.

Or use the link below.


I tried to go to the link you provided and I got an error message saying there is a problem with the link I'm trying to access!!


"Lottery New$" ran from 1983 until last December.

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Try this one.

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I've used wheeling systems from many sources and they all do what they guarantee, the only trick is to guarantee a win of any type, all of the winning numbers must be included in the wheel. Most all of the different software packages contain similar wheels. I use LotoPro 2000 which has a good selection of wheeling systems and I have a couple of books by Robert Serotic which contains hundreds of wheels. Picking the winning numbers for your wheel is hard to do.



What a Joke - Get for real. That site not getting my 10 bucks.


I like the idea of using "The Crow," but do you have any detailed testimonials? And what about some warrantee that there is a prize in the near future?

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Only that in an email the crow's owner lamented having checked and found some of the people had won some pretty good amounts and hadn't donated.    Bob


I bought it but the wins are far and in between. The work is done for you if you have the time to sit and analyze all those charts. KizzyO95


Have you had any 5 digit winnings? I am not interested in spending top bucks on a system that is not reliable, what you mentioned made me think Gail Howard is not as effective as she claims.

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