Why "Patterns" and "Systems" cannot work!


Read my earlier posting in case you missed it. It's entitled
"predications of numbers which will "win"
Agree or disagree, let me know what you believe!
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Hmmm...your thought experiment and your general assumption are interesting, but debatable. I think you are confusing plain randomness with probabilistic behaviors. Let me explain myself, if you frame the experiment as "what is the next color?" then you are framing the answer as unknowable. But if you frame it under other terms, then a specific answer can be produced. I.e. "knowing that there are cars with the following colors: green, red, blue,etc... what are the chances of a car of color "x" to come after a car of "y" color?"
Not only gamblers and lotto enthusiasts, but serious scientists included believe that some events are predictable from a probabilistic viewpoint. Most of the systems (wheels, hot/cold numbers, etc.) promoted here and elsewhere are based upon some implicit notion of probability theory.
Your body is made of quanta that may at any moment break lose creating a black hole/ Now, the chances of that happening are 1 in 40 quadrillion. That does not make the event impossible just highly improbable. With current science and computing power we predict the weather, traffic jams, and give logical reasoning to space probes in Mars. Perhaps, we could use it to do something much simpler like winning the lottery?

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