The Rock says that there is a policy here of bashing people and that policy is that it will not be tolerated ok. The Rock understands that many wants to be like him and that his pressence astounds people and that envy and jealousy follows him, but lets stop the bashing ok and calling people trailor park trash. This is a lottery post to talk about the lottery which The Rock will win tomorrow and it doesn't matter if you all believes it or not, it is a fact. Lastly The Rock says that he will not responds to bashing people with trash talk never has and never will and you all need to stop trying to steal Th Rock's identity like the co called real rock and rocker etc, the one and only true Rock does not want to get confused with you all even tho that would be totally unbelieveable if this was to occur. Who knows you Rock wanna b's may get lucky sometime in the near future.

If you smell what The Rock is cooking


finally the rock has come the message board. The rock says i am sick and tired of this imposter stealing my identity. the real rock says i am sick and tired of hearing the fake rock cry cause the truth hurts. It doesnt matter that the fake rock thinks hes going to win the mega jackpot cuz the real rock knows he is going to claim the prize. Know your role fake rock and shut your mouth before i layeth the smack down on your candy @$$ The rock says this. The rock says that. But Whatever the real rock says, you better listen---because you never know when the People's Champion is going to shove an insult straight up your candy @$$


Hey Jabroni, The Rock says seriously you need to cool it with all that bashing people junk you will get kicked out of here, this policy of bashing people and using profanity is strictly enforced. You need to respect this website and the people on here and stop using profanity and bashing people or the guy who runs this will kick you out. You are going way to far ok.



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