Big Game up to 220 million?


Hello All,

Hey Todd, Just wanted to let you and everyone else know.. According to what I've seen on MA's lottery site, and from a lottery machine, the jackpot is estimated at 220 million (117 cash) for Friday.

I'm sure you'll confirm with your resources (I trust your sources and you do a great job) but I just wanted to give you a heads up!


How can I purchase Big Game tickets online or by phone?
Thank You,


Yep, it's up to 220, and it will probably go higher by tomorrow night. I am going to try again, even though I probably will not win anything significant. I hate wasting money, but you never know....I don't think you can purchase online or by phone anymore.


Well, hopefully will be back up sometime after Mega Millions goes into effect. I look forward to playing the new Big Game, but it's too bad I'm too far from a Big Game state.

Todd, please tell the people at that we really want them back! :)

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