Last night $32m Canada Lotto 649 draw

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I have been using a lottery tool that gave me an analysis of last night 01/08/2021 Lotto 6/49 worth $32 millions.  It says that this set of winning number 6,18,23,31,46,48 has the following characteristics:

- right odd and even number mix.
- right hot and cold number mix.
- perfect sum.
- right number of prime numbers.
- right number of low numbers.
- perfect Arithmetic Complexity value of 8!
- Skip Analysis value was only 9, meaning that all 6 numbers were drawn within the last 9 draws.
- Position Analysis level was 4, meaning all 6 numbers were among the highest frequencies numbers within each of their positions.
- Both Renato Gianella’s Geometry of Chance pattern and group are among the top 10. 
- Perfect historical number of Total Wins and 4 number wins.

Their prediction lists also caught all 6 numbers!

Does anyone else have any tool that does more different analysis besides those above that I shall be looking at?  Thanks a lot.

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In response to JuliaM

Sounds Interesting: What is the Name of the Tool?

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Lottery optimizer.  Apparently they only launched six months ago.

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People pay for a site that checks lottery numbers to see if they are optimized?

Doesn't appear to be anything there that can't be done with homebrew or freeware.
And very little of it is worth the cost of a paid lottery and wheels program.

I realize you're new, but for what's worth, buy a good lottery program and stay away from sites like that. 
Learn the basic rules. Learn how to mix H/L, E/O and hot and cold numbers. Learn the optimal sum range.
Most lottery programs provide skips, hits, repeats and a great deal more, (and much better info) than a site that tells you, "Oooooh, this is a good set of numbers!"

Whatever you paid that site, it was too much for the info provided. You can get that all for free just by reading some posts here. 

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It's not about the past history.  It does have all that.  In fact I can see all the detailed analysis for each historical draw.  What matters is the future draw, obviously.  But seeing the historical data helps me with the next one.   It shows me the trend analysis and tell me to play the next draw or not.  It even prevents me from picking the same number as last or past winning draw, make sure the new combinations have certain past winnings etc.  These I find quite helpful, but can't find anywhere else. 

It does provide me sets of numbers that are optimized already.  Isn't that what we want for playing the next draw?  In fact, it has a smart wheel.  Instead of me buying 924 tickets for a 12 number wheel, it actually pick and choose which one to play.  So I can end up spend only 80 tickets on optimal sets out of the wheel.  I know it is not an abbreviated wheel because it changes every time there is a new draw or the number you selected are different.

I have already checked at least a dozen programs.  But none has more features than this one.  I tried Lotterycode, WinSlips etc.  which are based on static mathematics which is good.  But they lack statistical analysis.  Others software are just pure scams.

The ones you mentioned, this one already has it.  What is the site that you are talking about that has something else credible and worth checking out?  I would love to have a look.

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In response to JuliaM

Post some predictions before drawing using Lottery optimizer software in here, that will tell us how useful is the program.

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In response to JuliaM

The BS is sites like that. I think, and may be mistaken, but Lotterycodex and Winslips are also paid sites.

Look at PROGRAMS, software you can buy (pay for one time) and download, like Lotto Pro or Smart Luck, then come back and tell us what's missing that that site offers. 

Remember, you are new. You don't really have a feel for what's good and what's not. You see a lot of buzzwords with bells and whistles and it sounds great!
But if it sounds too good to be true, it is. And none of that info is anything you wouldn't find in a decent lottery software. Here's a FREE tidbit you'll eventually learn when you open your eyes: There are millions of combinations that would score just as well as the numbers you posted. You can use R.G's site (its free) to prove that to yourself.

Being new, do you even know what any of that info means, or is all about? 
Or, are you just taking their word that it is exclusive or trend setting, or innovative?

Can you go through each item listed and explain to us what it means?
What makes a lottery number perfect? And why is prime numbers so important?

Like always, your choice. If you want to waste your money, its on you. 
Write it off as a newby mistake. We all make some, but once we learn we make better decisions. 

Welcome to the forum!


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In response to garyo1954

I Agree! Well,..Daaammn,

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This was one of their prediction list I copied BEFORE last night's draw, they call it level 4:


It has 44 numbers.  Usually it has around 37 numbers or so depending on the draw.  This one included all six winning numbers.

Their level 1 is only 24 numbers:


This one caught 5 of the 6 winning numbers.

I think they actually have a live stats page showing how their prediction performed.  Everything is live.  There is no back testing or anything like that. 

I don't think I am allowed to post URL here.  Go to their homepage and click on the first yellow button that says "Lottery Predictions".  Then near the bottom of the new page, there is a link call "LIVE stats page".

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Lotto Pro" or "Smart Luck"? Are you kidding me? Have you read the reviews and comments on these two? I may be new but I am not stupid. I studied math and stats. I know what I talking about. These two program have my BS bell ringing the moment I saw them.

I watched the Lotto Pro video too. These two program are so antiquated dumb program.  For example, in Lotto Pro you choose YOUR OWN H/L ratio filter.  That right there makes no sense to someone who doesn't know what is the best.  Optimizer choose it for automatically you based on trend!

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In response to JuliaM

Hope to see you next Canada Lotto winner, good luck.

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In response to JuliaM

Look maybe we are not math genius like you, but not stupid either. If I have a program that can predict numbers for the future drawings accurately then I will use that program to win the Jackpot. Instead of selling $5 per month. We understand.

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Thank you!  I am hoping to do it with Lottery Optimizer.  I was hoping the lottery veterans on this website can shed some light on anything else that I miss.  But after someone recommended outdated Lotto Pro and Smart Luck, (no offense there @garyo1954) I almost fainted, lol.

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Actually we got an email from the author.  The reason he created the site was because he couldn't find a tool that can do all things that he was looking for.  Therefore, he created for his own use.  But he thought that why not open up to the public while he is at it.   So he launched the site last July.   He created it so that like us, he want to win the jackpot too.   That is why he said he is charging the minimum possible for maintaining the site.  He is not like one of those who won jackpot and asked someone else to created a site for them so they can scam more people for their money. 

To me I think that is an incentive for him to make improvements on the site, which he did over the last few months.

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LOL..I checked out the site.. to be quite honest, if they launched only 6 mths ago.. It soundz like whoever they are, have obviously been reading Post HERE on LP..Yes Nod

Shocked Specifically MINE ... on the Thread.. "Predicting Winning Numbers..!!, Fact or Fiction?.!!

Where I've BEEN proving that Probability Math tosses the junck" numberz of ANY Matrix by az much az 50%, sometimez even MORE, wit MM's or PB'sBonusball..So, I've divulge THAT information FREE..!! az I have soo often engaged Naysayerz & Hecklerz here defending the MATH..Blue Thinking

What THEYVE done iz snagged playerz like you , by charging YOU $9.95 a mth for something that you can learn outta ANY Probability & Statistics Book..!!...for FREE..Thumbs Up

Hell, ANY Computer Program employz AI..LOL..Whut THEYRE hoping , iz that Playerz like you, use yo AI between yo EARZ, and fall for THEIR BS of $9.95 a mth..Green laugh

There can NEVA be more HOMAGE paid to OLE STAT$TALKER than "Johnny come lately" LEECHES & COPYCATS..!!

Just remember.. I AM THE ORIGINAL..all otherz are IMITATORS..born from AMERICAN GREED..!!



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