How Long is Too Long?

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I was getting super inspired while doing my workout recently and told myself, "I am going to do a FIVE hour workout, because the JP is a massive 1.5 million dollars!!"

The only problem was I could not stay awake long enough to meet that goal.  I kept falling asleep hunched over in my office chair.

Then I reduced to 4 hours.  Same problem. 

So I reduced to 3.  But haven't been able to meet that length either.

Then today I went over my time budget. I reset my stopwatch by accident, and have lost track of the time, but I expect to do a little more anyway.

I could be at 3 and 1/2 right now, but I plan to do at least 30 minutes more. 

I took a (about to be) 2 hour LP break to try and reset my INTUITIVE feelings and shut off my LOGICAL brain from analysis.

Perhaps Meditation would have been wiser??

I had some ideas to do some new stuff today which ate up time, but I FORGOT to do some stuff I liked yesterday!!

Time Management is a very hard thing to do, and I feel like when the workout is too long, I begin to overanalyze, and I begin to "feel" like I am forcing it.

As If all the analysis is forcing my intuition to shut down at some point.

But then If i get a flash from my intuition in five minutes of what to play, my brain says "Now you didn't analyze all the patterns, you need to take more time!!"

But it "feels" like am analyzing more but seem to be losing the same, so I am considering going back to an old simpler workout I did many years ago that was only an hour long.

But I am going to try meet the 3 hour maximum time allotment for at least 3 days straight, which I have not yet been able to do thus far.

So today is day 1.  I met the goal of 3 hours, but I failed at keeping it at 3 hours max.

And Certainly it could be said that different games require more thought.  But sometimes too much thinking leads to sinking.

Sometimes I think I should switch to Mega Millions, so then I can split up workout into perhaps 1 and 1/2 hours Sat, and 1 1/2 hour Sun.


This question then goes for both players of thelarger odds games and for also the pick 3 and pick 4, lower odds games.

What say you?  What is the perfect amount of time and How do you know when you have spent too much time?

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In response to JeetKuneDoLotto

"What is the perfect amount of time and How do you know when you have spent too much time?"

There'z really no such amount ov time deemed "perfect" when it comez to accomplishing your Goal.. 

It should be about whut workz for YOU..Pick3 & Pick4 playerz obviously No Nod don't spent equal amountz ov study time az do the BIG JACKPOT playerz , for there are more numberz, combinations involved.!

But , if this problem just recently popped up,.. try eating less Turkey left-overz LOL... It'z the Tryptophan found in Turkey that makes you feel relaxed, sleepy...Bed

My method for gitin in my Study Zone, involvez a nice Cigar & maybe some Yac...Yeeaaah BaBy Wink.! .. and some low volume music playing..Thumbs Up

Befoe ya know it ... You'll be Shut'em Dooown wit yo Method and numbaz..!! Dance

Warning: There'z only 1 side-effect... yo new outlook & resultz will no doubt attract dem MadKnUcKlEhEaD Naysayerz..!! Some who are trippin on their OWN Dope-a-meanGreen laugh.But you'll survive.. az I'm proof ov dat..Wink



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I'll be done when I'm done is the rule here. So no time limit.

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I completely misunderstood the subject matter of the question.

So kindly disregard my answer of 1 hour.

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Raven62's avatar - binary

50 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You to Get Out There and Get It Done:

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In response to rdgrnr

I was kinda headed down the same path when I looked at the first several options...but when it got to 4 hrs, then I knew something was up cause that was many decades ago in my early 20s.....

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In response to CDanaT

Exactly, heh,heh,heh,heh,heh....

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20 inches?

In response to Raven62

Hundreds of motivational videos on youtube. I listen to them all the time. Sometimes I just get in the zone on a work night and stay up to 1or 2am. Even though the alarm clock will be buzzing at 6am.

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In response to Cmoore50

I remember my old pap giving me some of them little motivational quotes.

The one I remember the most was "Git yer lazy ass up otta that bed, feed the dam chickens and git yer dumb ass to school!"

Then he'd dump an ice cold bucket of water on me.

In the winter time. 

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In response to rdgrnr

Kind of an ice bucket challenge early in the morning. You're a pioneer.

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Thanks for the replies everybody.  And I think you all need to go to church and repent you dirty thougt people.

So far today I am on pace with time.





Its snowing over here, and that is all swell and stuff, but I dont remember that in the forecast. 

They definately spraying over here.  I dont mind chemtrails and all, its good to block out the sun.  Those plants get it too good.  One of Saint Bill Gates swell ideas!Idea  But its already night time people.  And there aint much sun in the winter.

I swear I would not be complaining about it, but at least 30 planes went over this last hour, and I couldn't concentrate good on my workout.

When I used to live near an airport, yeah you could expect a plane every ten minutes, but I am in the sticks, and something just aint right. 

My spidey sensese is tingling.  I gotta email MonkeyWerx.  What is going on???

I am afraid to start my final part of the workout as I hear another plane.

I am going to go out side and scream!!!Mad

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In response to JeetKuneDoLotto

"They definately spraying over here.  I dont mind chemtrails and all, its good to block out the sun"

Shocked  Sprayin WHUUUT?...tooo cold for Mosquitoes..bugz...

Block out the SUN.?... if GOD wanted to block out the Sun permanently.. he would just blow it out..Pooof..

Who'z Man Crazy, to tamper wit thingz GOD set in Motion?

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In response to JeetKuneDoLotto

Go to church? There are plenty of churches around. There still are monasteries too. Which church do you mean?

They are busy digging out skeletons of the graveyard next to a nearby church. If you think coffin, think again, no coffins. Didn't see any planks.
One box in bricks was painted with blond angels inside. Where did that start there? If you want to see, I post some pictures. All those skeletons went to heaven.

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