Favorite Lottery themed Movies and TV Episodes? :)


One of my favorite Lottery themed TV Shows are Good Times episode, Rich Is Better Than Poor.... Maybe, where JJ Evans wins The Lottery for $2,500(This aired in 1976 where $2,500 would have been more like $10,000. , ;) and he and his Family start celebrating right in front of some Juvenile Delinquent named Edna who has already been in jail before... Uh oh... She later brings a gun and holds the Children at Gunpoint and she sends Florida, the Children's Mother  to go to the Bank with Edna's dimwitted Sister who also holds Florida at Gunpoint. Roz immediately notices that Florida is writing letters, not numbers on the withdrawal bslip and mentions she is actually good at reading numbers and knows that Florida should be writing Numbers, not letters. GT Fans pointed out that Florida was writing something like,"Help me. I'm being robbed at Gunpoint." I thought before the GT Fans pointed this out that  she was writing out the numbers like a normal withdrawal slip such as twenty five hundred dollars and zero cents." 


Roz crumples up the withdrawal slip and makes Florida fill out a new one with no letters. When they come back home, The Children claim that Edna claimed she was going to cheat Roz out of the entire $2500. Edna claims the Children were lying and Roz doubts Edna's claims as she had cheated her at times for real.


Roz demands her share of the money, and this argument enables JJ and Willona(Willona had inadvertently walked into Edna holding the Children(14 year old Michael, 19 year old Thelma, 20 year old JJ hostage) to save the day. JJ slaps the money out of Roz's hand and Edna drops the gun enabling Willona go turn the tables and point it at Edna and Roz instead while Thelma calls the police and informs Edna she is going to go to jail again for some get rich scheme she she just pulled.


Edna berates Roz for lousing this one up and Roz lowers her head and said,"I'm sorry." Roz being a dim witted Sister and Edna being the smart(er) Sister who bullies her dim witted Sister around was REALLY interesting as Roz is played by Shirley Hemphill who is about 10 years older than Tamu Blackwell who plays Edna. Shirley was about 30, Tamu was about 20. A GT Fan pointed out that Shirley should have played the smarter Sister since she is clearly older and couldn't see an older Sister allowing her younger sister to bully her around GT Fan replied that many older Siblings are much mentally disabled than their younger siblings and get bullied by their smarter younger siblings ought the casting was realistic.


Monk did an episode that involved the lottery, Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever. The plot involved the murder of an on air lottery hostess and Natalie got to replace her.

When it came to the mechanics of the lottery, this episode had numerous plot holes that anyone who plays the lottery would see.

Monk is currently airing Sunday nights on MeTV and I think it's available for streaming on Pea<snip>.

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Speaking of Monk, the episode Mr. Monk and The Paperboy also involves a lottery ticket. It's also mentioned in later episodes his neighbor who won the lottery lost all of his money after marrying two gold digging sisters.

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My favorite lottery themed book is The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

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Waking Ned, it's a movie about a small Irish village where someone won the lottery but died before claiming the prize. I won't spoil the plot in case you haven't seen it. You might need English subtitles if the Irish accents are too much. LOL

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I think I saw that movie a while ago, I think I liked it, I think I remember laughing.

Just put it on my Amazon list to watch it againThumbs Up

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That's so funny, that's the first show I thought of lolYes Nod

I love Monk!

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