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Has anybody found any benefit in the Trailing Numbers (Chart D) in the Gail Howard Smart Luck Advantage Gold software?

I'm almost ready to give up on it completely. In the past I've previously gotten a winning number out of it, every so often. Most of the time, its predictions are no where close to the winners.

I have read previous posts here on LP about setting the sensitivity to 2 (or more). And about using the top 5 trailing numbers for each of the individual numbers. So I'll try doing both together this time. Backtesting (by hitting the - (minus) key) looks like there might be some possibility in that.

But if anybody has any other suggestions as to how to make this chart really useful, I'd appreciate knowing.

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Yeah, I really feel your pAiN Thumbs Up,...I've pulled out about as much hair as I can afford tryin to make SLAG agree with Probability Math, but to no avail.Thud. It'z the "Games Out" factor that makes it hard to recognize numbers invoking fruition.. And going back n forth between the 2 mentally with its formulas and Probability Math is Crazy mind boggling to say the least..

I've found that its best to allow SLAG to measure your Game of study at its true Game'll lose less hair..LOL..a 50 game setting usually will do the trick, you can always go back to whatever setting you normally use after it reveals that to you...

I've had best results in comparison with readings from other software if you tend to pick numbers with congruent "Avg & Med" and are less than "Exp Hits".. regardless if SLAG has an * marked or seems to be better at THAT than most other functions it attempts..Maybe then, "Trailing Numbers "will reflect what numbers truly are Trailing /Followers..

As I've always found ,what one software is good at, others are awful at, and vice-versa..

Another S$S.. Youre Welcome

             Hope that helps Wink



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Someone not so long ago posted the question about followers. 

SmartLuck's version is/was like this:


... ordered by SUM descending.

I found it more interesting to search for numbers repeating (games out 0, actual skip 0, interval 0 ...).

I'd suggest that you print the chart and keep it to read it again after the drawing.

For the chart itself, it is a fraction, of an entire table, that can be printed.

An idea is to search the other way, which numbers were drawn before some number that was drawn.

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I had a look at feedback comments from people on Internet.

Most of them seem to be disappointed. The software and books together also cost much money.

A positive comment:

I give thanks to Ms Howard’s system. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it. I won 11 times fantasy 5 games 4/5 for a total of $3,113.00. March 2021 finally won a 5/5 match for the grand prize of 188,636.00. Prayer, Patience, and Persistence is also helpful. You should try it! I am so happy I did. I am now debt free, and going to take a much needed vacation! Good Vibes Only from California Ms LJ

4/5's for 5/39 games are achievable. I don't use SL and I scored those on LP as in real for different pick 5's (PE, CA, NH). I maybe could have had a 5/5 by playing more often.

Eventually the best charts of SL are the simplest ones, like with decades. Such can be done in Excel too and without VB.

Maybe the filter tool gives players ideas on what to try, but it misses the coverage option that is in mine or in lotwin. I suppose that many coded this for themselves. I mostly was using 3 if 6 with pick 6. Playing less numbers I use 3 if 5 to 5 if 6 or 4 if 4. When playing 8 numbers, then 5 if 5 or only filtered. I suppose that you would have to melt several software's to get a satisfying product, or you code yourself what you precisely want. (...)

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I typically use a 40 game setting in SLAG, for many of the charts, but not for Trailing Numbers. I suppose it is worth considering. I'll test it out for a while (on paper) and see how things pop. Thanks for the suggestion.

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In response to WhatAreTheOdds

Aye Thumbs UpNo problem.. Anytime.. I mean afterall...WhatAreTheOdds of it harming by lookin at it from a different angle..Wink

Curious..Idea why 40 tho?

In response to Speler


Interesting idea, to write a program to see which numbers were drawn before/previously (instead of checking what comes after/trails/follows).

2 possible problems with that though: if the number 11 is the most frequently drawn before the number 04, it doesn't mean that the number 04 is the most frequently drawn after the number 11. And the other thing is that I can still only play "what follows", not what came previously. So what follows is the more relevant.

But you've got me thinking - perhaps I should simply write my own program. If the numbers that follow the most often are not necessarily the ones that are the most likely to be drawn, then perhaps there is some other pattern there that needs to be found. Maybe it is the numbers that follow/trail the least often, or the ones that match the average, or the ones at the median, or some other pattern . . . 

Thanks for the push in a better direction !

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Every so often it's a good idea to check with your lottery and find out when they last trashed all the ball sets and replaced them with brand new ones.  Each time they do this a third of the balls start doing better, a third worse and a third remain as they were.  This can throw off any system leaving one wondering where they went wrong.  Thing of it is, the system continued on while the balls went another way.  And of course anything based on draw history is now skewed until enough fresh data builds up.  The lottery does this for the very reason, it works.  It may seem a joke when the pit boss changes out the hot dice, not so funny when the lottery does it. 

BobP Type

In response to BobP


I deeply respect your lottery insight - thank you for your input.

I have heard this before, but now I think it is time that I really took this fact seriously. So what I'm hearing is that using the entire draw history for any of the Charts in SLAG (or otherwise) will only throw off my results.

For most of the Charts, I already use 40 draws of history. I guess it is time to do that with Trailing Numbers Chart D, so that ball changes over the years will not be a factor any longer.


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In response to BobP

Agreed changing the ballsets can throw off history and make it meaningless.

That said, there are still things that history data will tell you that don't change.  For instance, in Florida Fantasy5 every year since 2002, the top hitting number of the calendar year had approximately 65 hits.  Each and every year, one number will hit more than the others, just as one number will hit the least number of times during the year.

Every year a normal distribution (a bell curve) is produced showing how many times each of FF5's thirty-six numbers hit in 365 drawings.  In 2021, the number one hitter has been #28 (it's been the top hitter since last March) with 51 hits as of today's date.  It'll be the top hitter of 2021 and have approximately 65 hits. (Maybe even a few more than 65)

So how do you use that information to your advantage?  Simple - PLAY #28 on almost every line you play every time you play.  Think of it as a "Free Number."  If it is drawn and you played it, then the odds of matching the other four winning numbers thus winning a jackpot are reduced to 1 in 2,164.  That's quite an improvement from 1 in 376,992.  G5

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In response to GiveFive

That's exactly what I've tried to explain to SOME here that refuses to believe that Probability Math's PrEdIcTiVe properties can cut those astronomical Odds down to a fruitional-size bet..

So, if 1 number of CERTAINTY can reduce initial Odds of 1 in 376,992 , down to 1 in 2,164,99.43% reduction ?...imagine what knowing for CERTAIN, 3 or 4 numbers pointed out by Probability Math would do for a Matrix of ANY size!

It is precisely THOSE kinda Mathematical Odds that LOs are really up against, when you use Probability Math..It will literally cause'em to ShUtDoWn...!!  I've proven it..MM 9/3/21..Yes Nod

Unfortunately, This REAL  McCoy seems beyond the comprehension of the REAL MaGoos here..Wink



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In response to Stat$talker


Finally somebody sees the light... I've been preaching about the fantastic odds reduction by knowing and using the big hitter of the year, but it seemed as if nobody was listening... or even cared for that matter.

Look, 1 in 2,164 aint no cakewalk.  That's still some pretty tough odds to overcome. I know this because I haven't overcome them and I've been practicing what I preached for years.   

Here's what Florida Fantasy5 history has taught me - Every year one of FF5's 36 numbers is going to hit about 65 times. (Maybe more, maybe less but one number every year since 2002 has done it without fail. For instance #17 had 68 hits in 2020 but in 2017 #9 had 63 hits ) 

Players can usually see by March 31st of any given year (and certainly by June 30th) which number is going to be the biggest hitter of the year. So take advantage of that knowledge and heavily play that number throughout the balance of the year.  This year it's #28.  Next year it'll be a different number, but it's going to happen. Seen it happen year in and year out.  G5

In response to BobP

Just wondering.

If all the drawings are random, how could a different ball set decide certain balls will do better, worse, or the same?

"And of course anything based on draw history is now skewed until enough fresh data builds up."

That's obviously true when PB and MM added more numbers, but aren't those draw histories with the same amount of numbers based on the same type of random drawings?

The numbers on any ball set over time will produce a drawing history pretty close to probability and maybe why a large majority of tickets are QPs.

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I don't think many here have a problem with using a key digit/number. The difference is in how/who is defining what that number is. .

Now, Florida Fantasy 5 is drawn every night, 365 days a year.
A number is going to show, give or take, 65 times.

Or about 18% of the total draws (65/365 draws).
A little better that 1 in 6 draws.

So the question becomes is it the wisest play in every line, ever draw?

And given you have 28 Powerballs and 25 Mega-balls I doubt that 1 in 2176 applies....seem it number would rise at 28 or 25 times respectively.

Your choice.


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In response to garyo1954

You're confusing Florida Fantasy5 with Florida's Pick 5 game. 

Fantasy5 does not have any extra or "bonus balls" and is drawn once per day.  Pick 5 has an extra ball known as "The Fireball" and it's drawn twice per day, the top prize being $50,000.  Fantasy5 is a 5/36 matrix and if there's just one jackpot winner, the payout could be more than $200,000.

Not every Fanatsy5 number is going to be drawn 65 times per year.  Since 2002, only one FF5 number each and every year had approximately 65 hits.  I dont define anything. I simply identify which of FF5's 36 numbers has hit the most, and will very likely be the top hitter of the year. G5

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In response to Speler

Speler you have learned and implemented a lot. Good Luck with your future wins.


I too have PHP knowledge but I use Java a lot.


Also as you mentioned hit frequencies, skip/hit tables all are there for long time. What We see is that SL and GH have copyrighted and patented their charts and terms that they coined.  As long as people use generic names that have existed long before, it should be fine. Many charts are just graph paper plotting that people used before softwares and those would have existed long back.

They are more after companies trying to copy and use the content as such and sell as their own product. Personal and pool usage of book, software and wheels are allowed. They don't want others selling any of these.


Hope you catch another Pick 5 soon. Good work on that PA 5/5 JP prediction.

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In response to Speler



If you notice many people are tracking and using skips and frequencies for long time.


There are some techniques and strategies that are unique in LMG book.

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In response to Speler

Thumbs Up

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This is Java.

Table of skips of 3 numbers combinations.

Top of my iceberg.

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We were talking followers. 

So pairs followers and I want not the next but the 2nd next. I have other versions of this too.

This is in the advanced.

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In response to Speler

Nice layouts.

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Simple filter, last drawing and matches >=3. Ink Free.

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Not having a professor or helping pro, I had to look up things and try out. Debugging or improving often was long and difficult. I won't show the highly advanced. You would throw SLAG in the trashcan and burn the LMG.

We don't have pick 5 in BE. I didn't cash on dry play. You must swim in wet water, not on a chair in the kitchen!

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Play and win with one dollar quickpick, just to piss off the others!

Big Smile

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In response to Speler

What We are trying with our self picks is fun for us. This involves thinking, writing and trying to get everything on time.


Quick picks are too easy to buy.

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Going down memory lane, this is similar to RL's Stack levels where you play for patterns to repeat based on hits.  If you can find a section of grid where you think 0's will repeat from previous draw you can eliminate a lot of numbers.  I think Winsum used to use a tool similar to this from RL.

larger pic

If you can correctly guess 5 1's, and 5 0's you can usually get around 100 combos for the smaller pick 5 games.

Basically you are looking for cold/dead spots and hot spots in the grid.

Just another random combo generator.

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In response to jimjwright

Nice clean tabbed interface.

Yes RL's apps have filters of this sort. Is this rogue filter/wheel for big games?


Thanks & Good Luck

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In response to thamizhpayan

I used Prof-UIS MFC library to create the tabbed interface.  Not sure they are still in existence once Microsoft abandoned MFC for .NET.  Around this time (2012) is when I switched to being an iOS/Android mobile developer and moved away from desktop programming.

From this same program I have a C Filters tab that allows you to filter and track odd/even, low/high, sums, and draws out.

If you think of the 10 positional values of O/E and L/H creating a unique signature much like the binary digits 0/1 then you can use that to filter out combinations with the assumption that the signature is not likely to repeat to soon.  Unfortunately for Pick 5 where order does not matter low/high is not really that unique as a filter so the stack concept is a better eliminator.

odd/even, low/high, sums, draws out

I used this program to get 4 of 5 over 25 times in Idaho and California but could never score a 5 of 5.

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In response to jimjwright

Hi Jim,

.NET with custom paid professional  UI API. Do you use java for android apps or it more of C++?


For big games,, I don't have a UI for my filters yet. I usually write HTML frontend  or Swing UI for Java. I  use the excels generated for the game and set filters in  JSON format and feed them to the console java application.

I also tried to identify/predict the 5 individual positions for E/O. Finding all 5 will bring the combos to deal down to 250k to 400k based on which EO format We mark. I would still go with 2 or 3 out of 5. Getting all 5 seems hard.

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In response to thamizhpayan

For iOS I use Swift.  For Android I used to use Java but switched over to Kotlin last year.  I like Swing UI for the desktop.

html/css/javascript/typescript is not my thing but mad props to people that can do it.Thumbs Up

At some point I am going to start an open source project on github for pick3/pick4 lottery software when I can find the time.

Good Luck !!!

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