Most you have ever won on a single Lottery Ticket? :)


I won $290 when I got quick pick 073 as a Straight/Box. :) I remember seeing that 073 won and I remember thinking,"I think I won $40 because I think I have 730. Imagine my smile when I had 073. :D That's the most I have ever won on a single Lottery ticket. Second best mentions are $200 on 9828 and 8928 for $200 in the same drawing :D and $200 on 9432 at a $1 play, I looked up randomly and saw 9423 on a Building number and I went to a gas station and played 9423 box for a dollar and lo and behold, 9432 showed up, giving me $200! :D, $200 on 8503 for $1 play. :D  Third decent mentions. $100 on Play 4 numbers a couple of times, $100 on a $2 scratch off, $100 on a $1 ticket, fourth okay mentions. $80 on some Pick 3 numbers. What about you? :)

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$2002 in the California lottery.

Was living in Vegas and played the ticket at Nipton that sold a lot of tickets before Primm opened.

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Years ago, Pennsylvania ran a promotion on the game that was known then as Quinto. It's called Pick 5 now. The promotion was double the normal payouts. With 5 distinct numbers, a box payout was normally $425. But on this day, it was $850. I went into the convenience store with several betslips filled out. The lady ran them for me and what she charged me added up to what I expected, so I didn't think anything was off. When I checked my tickets, I figured out that she had run the Quinto midday betslip twice and had not run the evening Quinto betslip. Because of that fortunate error, I won on the midday Quinto for $850 twice. My biggest single ticket win ever, times two. They've never run that promo again.

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I won this 9 years ago this month on pick4 1949. Also hae a $25000 wi in January of that year, It was my wife's 60th birthday

so her picture is on that one. If I can locate that picture I'll post it.

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$100 with the Virginia Pick-3 Boost feature on Tuesday, December 29, 2009. With Boost, you could pay an extra $1 to have five extra numbers printed on your ticket. If one of them won in exact order, then you would win $100. One of my numbers was 068; they drew 068.

I've also won $40 with 620 50/50 on Friday, February 29, 2008 (they drew 062) and 580 50/50 on Saturday, June 6, 2009 (they drew 058). Had I remembered to play on Tuesday, March 29, 2005, I would have won $500 with an exact match on 104. (These are all Virginia Lottery). 

I rarely play the lottery - I'm more interested in watching and seeing what numbers win. I live in California and do not play their lottery because they use random number generators.


I won $200 on a scratch ticket a couple years back. The place I went to couldn't cash it because they didn't have enough money.


5 grand. But I bet small. You're throwing money at the raquetero remember that. Breaking even is a must. The rest is entertainment like they all say.

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I hit the 3+1 on a single Mega Millions self-pick. I turned $2 into $200 just from a last minute quick decision to play a bunch of numbers that I was thinking about for unrelated reasons.


I won $400 on a Powerball Powerplay ticket once. I was literally one digit off from $40,000, but I was a happy with the results.


$100 off of a $30 scratch off ticket.


Under the category of could have won, Aug 11 2000, had a set of 649 numbers I'd been playing for about a year.

All I ever got was the odd $10 and free tickets. So I didn't play this day. Guess what happened.

Every number came up.

$4.4 million. There were no winners that day. It was a Wednesday.

Never give up on a set just because it hasn't hit in a while.


That's the downside to playing a set of numbers. You never know when they're going to hit. Then you feel pressured to play your numbers every draw.


I won $1568.00 New Jersey Cash 5 June 23 2021 (9 18 24 25 37) Hit 3 times on a five play ticket, 4 out of five numbers 3 times. Mind you I had all five numbers on the ticket, just didn't get the 5 numbers in a single play. That was a $1.7 Million play. I have an image of the ticket but posting a pic here seems like hard work, and I'm new to the site.


Winning Lottery ticket


I won $1568.00 New Jersey Cash 5 June 23 2021 (9 18 24 25 37) Hit 3 times on a five play ticket, 4 out of five numbers 3 times. Mind you I had all five numbers on the ticket, just didn't get the 5 numbers in a single play. That was a $1.7 Million play. I have an image of the ticket, I made a decision, My first thought was to remove all the 40s as they where coming like 5 to 6 days in a roll, and just play the six numbers, but I didn't I kept the 42 45 and played the 8 numbers. I also had two other tickets with 4 out 5 numbers which paid $518.00.  Total amount that day $2,632.00 If my money was not tight I would have played those numbers without the 42 and the 45    Which would have been 9 14 18 24 25 37  instead of the 9 14 18 24 25 37 42 45  if I would have went with my gut feeling, I would be in a new range rover right now. And I hate that I can't get pass the thought I didn't go with my gut feeling, I swear it haunts me till this day.


winning Lottery Ticket

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In response to Karen Nathan

When Kansas raised their Pic 3  t0 $1 the prizes doubled except for the $500. $40 doubled t0 $80. $80 doubled to $160. I won 2x on the same ticket. I played 114 boxed 2x for $320. 2 days later I won just 1 ticket. Had 116 and won $160 again for a total of $480

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