best way you to pick numbers


i  am in a happy mod and need a challenge,,,  if you have a way you pick your number manually E-mail me how you do it and I will try to script it for you with no cost .


2 things i need from you 


1  detail on how you pick your numbers via E-mail

2  Give me time to do it  as I have a day job  but I will get it done !!! for you 




3  if you win please send some of the $$$ my way 


at the end of the day the script i do for you is yours to use day in day out

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In response to timmsy

You said "at no cost" but then you add " if you win..."ROFL


only if you like too !  lol  :)  it up to you !!!  as you have the script and i don't care  as i know there are good people out there still i think  in this crazy world we live in


any one ?


What is your e-mail


what do u  mean  by  script???


Sometimes emotions help to pick lucky numbers. feel the good vibes and play that day you feel it. find the good people among the evil ones which are more. If you make a friend that has been constantly lucky winning, this person will change your life sharing his lucky vibes.


powershell script for winodws pcs

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