Which store sold my draw ticket.


Does anybody know of a site or know how to find out which store sold a certain draw ticket, if the numbers and purchase date are known for California Lottery. That is the missing piece of the puzzle that would solve the theft of a winning ticket. I had seen Florida had a site with everything I needed here. It had winners name, prize payout, place of purchase. That's exactly what I'm looking for or as close as I can get. I Don't mind paying the site and joining, but I can't tell if the information they give is what I need. It didn't look like The Lottery Post had a lot of information, but I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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All lottery tickets are 'instrument bearer' tickets which means who ever has the possession of the ticket is the owner. Anyone can claim their ticket(s) was stolen. If you signed the back of the ticket that may help you. Why don't you go to where you originally bought the ticket? I'm sure their machine should able to do a print out of some kind. Have you tried contacting the California Lottery and tell them of your situation? How much was the win? If it was a jackpot that will probably get more attention. If it was just a pick 3 or even pick 4 perhaps not so much. Good Luck!

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All the information you seek , is always printed on the face of any lottery ticket..Where, when & what time..!! (in case you bought more than just 1 ticket at that time)..

If your ticket was stolen, then only the State's Lottery Commission can help you, by notifying them of the theft, .. If you give them enough credible info, they may place a hold on redemption of the ticket,.. but just as jackpotsmine told you , all lottery tickets are "bearer instruments"..!!

If you didn't sign it on the back?.. then it's...

"Losers, weepers,.. Finders, keepers"..!!!

Now, lottery Officials aren't dismissing theft by no means,..but if you fail to notify them in time, they're not held legally responsible for redeeming the ticket to whoever the bearer of the ticket may be..

That's why instructions on the back of lottery tickets tells you to sign it ...!! (in ink)

If the ticket has already been redeemed before you contacted Lottery Officials?..

then it's become a matter for Law Enforcement Officials...!!.. Good Luck..!



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The name of the store that sells a winning ticket, the exact amount won, and the name of the winner are all public info in CA, meaning you can request that info directly from the lottery and they have to supply it by law. (They won't tell the winner's address or other personal details besides the name.) You just have to email them and tell them the name of the game and the approximate date the prize was won. They might take a week or so to get back to you, in my experience.

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