Getting you halfway 2 a P-4 Straight

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I often wonder why its so hard to come up with a P3 STRAIGHT system that's consistent, not to mention a P4 STRAIGHT system. Well, I can get you half way there by following some simple observation steps ...You will still need to do your part by figuring out what to add and hold for a few days.




When two Consecutive front pairs falls back to back in two P-4 draws in a row, it will triggers one of the STRAIGHT TRIADS  within the group below.

The front Consecutive pairs you find, can falls in any order.  These pairs triggers a (back straight triad). All you have to do, is pick out the correct triad and add a missing digit (0-9) to the first position. Within 7 days or less on average, your P4 Straight/Straight triad should show.


x000   x100  x200  x300  x400  x500  x600  x700  x800  x900

x011   x111  x211  x311  x411  x511  x611  x711  x811  x911

x022   x122  x222  x322  x422  x522  x622  x722  x822  x922

x033   x133  x233  x333  x433  x533  x633  x733  x833  x933

x044   x144  x244  x344  x444  x544  x644  x744  x844  x944

x055   x155  x255  x355  x455  x555  x655  x755  x855  x955

x066   x166  x266  x366  x466  x566  x666  x766  x866  x966

x077   x177  x277  x377  x477  x577  x677  x777  x877  x977

x088   x188  x288  x388  x488  x588  x688  x788  x888  x988

x099   x199  x299  x399  x499  x599  x699  x799  x899  x999



Oct 14th ,TX dropped

7670 , 5604 back to back......76/56 are the consecutive day Oct 15th 9555 fell


Sept 15th, GA dropped

9828, 8791 back to back....98/87 are the consecutive day Sept 16th 0322 fell


Jj Stay Consistent!

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In response to Goseahawks

I'll have to take a long look at this one?


This is an interesting system and it's promising. After the two consecutive if there are doubles in your workouts using this helps you a ton. Back tested a few states and the hits are there.

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I'll watch for this!

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